Help me pick my next LV order

  1. I'm a guy and I'm about to order on Monday a few LV things but I'm stuck deciding between 2 pairs of sunglasses and 2 pairs of shoes (I wish I could afford to just buy all of them haha):

    Sunglasses: Reardon (silver) or Conspiration GM (silver)
    Shoes: Speeding Laces Sneaker in Suede Leather or Speeding Laces Sneaker in Damier Geant Canvas (Earth color).

    I wanted something casual that can be worn everday.

    Thanks :smile:
  2. I am not too familiar with the mens line! I only by Dh a few things. He is obviously crazy because he is not as interested in LV as much as me?? :shrugs: LOL

    I would help if you can post some pics!
  3. I couldn't find pics of all of them (aside for the official LV website but I can't copy pictures from there) but here are some:

    Speeding Damier Géant Sneaker Laces:
    Conspiration GM Sunglasses Gold (I prefer the silver model but it's the only picture I could find):

    thanks everyone :smile:
  4. I know the whole mens line pretty much, IMO the damier geants and the GM conspitations in either the gold or silver are the best choices.
  5. The shoes!!!
  6. that pair of shoes are soooooooo nice! get them get them!
  7. Those shoes are HAWT!!!!!
  8. Shoes! :smile:
  9. this pair of shoes is really-really great! i want a pair too
    but unfortunatelly i just bought my messenger bag and simply can not afford it :sad: i think u should also consider this style of shoes in boot . it is also amazing!