Help me pick my next child :)

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  1. [​IMG]Crossiant MM $850

    [​IMG] $450.00


    Ok so help me pick my next bag......I have: Speedy 30, Cabas Piano, Damier Duomo.

    Which one of the above should I get???

    Any thoughts?

  2. I love that SATC quote, it reminds me of the time they went to buy fakes and Carrie smells the bag !

    I don't really like the Burberry with the heavy black details, I like the Louis Vuitton but if you're looking for a big bag, it may not be large enough !
  3. I really like the Burberrys--but are you looking for a tote? A shoulder bag? Are those the only two styles you'll consider?
  4. I want a Burberry as I dont own one yet. I think if it is going to be a Burberry I want something large. So I am flexible. I dont however want to spend more then $600 on a Burberry. As far as the LV I only have large LVs so I thought the Crossiant might be a nice change. No more then $1200 on LV. I am open for suggestions! I dont need it for any special reason just another bag to add to my collection.

  5. The second one the Burberry for $450.
  6. I love the croissant MM, it's actually pretty spacious and goes well with everything. I use it a lot.
  7. I am leaning towards the Crossiant too!

  8. I think the last one you posted is a very pretty bag.
  9. Croissant all the way!!!It's so pretty!
  10. I think the LV is cute. Let us know what you do.
  11. The LV!!! But I am anyway a LV-Fan!
  12. LV.. burberry is tacky
  13. I bought a burburry last summer. I REALLY REGRET it. The bag only goes with simple clothing. I hate how limited my bag became with respect to style. I would go for the LV.
  14. I'd choose the LV. Somehow it feels more long lasting (in terms of style) than the Burberry.
  15. LV! I am not a fan of Burberry.:sad2:
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