Help me pick my next Chanel!

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Help me pick my next Chanel!

  1. Medallion tote in black

  2. Medium flap in black caviar with gold h/w

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  1. I'm looking for a black Chanel for my next purchase! I had a fun time today playing with the different bags at NM, but I'm having a hard time choosing between a Medallion tote or a medium flap in caviar with gold hardware. The Chanel bags I have right now are the pink pst (gold h/w) and pink/black cambon pochette. Here are the pros/cons of each bag:

    It's a great everyday bag, and it will get a lot of use
    It's pretty and classic
    I have a ton of totes already

    It's a gorgeous, timeless piece that will probably last decades
    It's an iconic Chanel piece
    It will get very little use. I work as a visiting nurse, and in my free time I run around with my kids. I don't know if it's practical for me to spend so much on something I won't be using often.
  2. You would get more use of the tote, but I voted for the flap because it is an essential to a Chanel collection and because you said you already have a bunch of tote style bags.
  3. Although I much prefer the flap, I voted for the Medallion since it sounds like you'll be much more likely to use that one. No matter how classic a piece is, no sense in having it if it stays in the closet!
  4. I voted for the flap... I love timeless bags
  5. Flap! you alread have a pink tote, it's time for the flap :yes: the flap never goes out of style or sale, so it's definitely worth it in the long run, not to mention a strong resell value. If can wait until March, Saks is doing their EGC soon :flowers:
  6. altho i love the flap, i think you will get more use out of medallion and it is classic as well..
  7. Go for the medallion. Such a classic piece and is gorgeous.
  8. you already have the pst n pochette..thats like two tote already. get the medium flap then. HTH
  9. You need a black Chanel tote - completely different than the pink PST (sounds gorgeous by the way!) You know you like tote styles and for the $ you're spending you'll want to get a lot of use out of it.
  10. Since u have tons of totes, then go for the med classic flap for a change. Well, u probably will get some use out of it. If not, u can get a GST tote as it's really more practical than the flap.

    For me, i do have totes, flaps (in different sizes) and large bags for different use.
  11. Flap :tup: GL deciding!
  12. I would go for the flap, since your pink pst is a tote.:okay:
  13. Well, it sounds like you love pink, like me. My first Chanel was the pink Cambon tote. I love her, but soon after, realized that I needed a black Chanel. It depends on how much stuff you pack around. The tote would have more room, but they're both classic. I think I would go with the flap personally. I love the flap!
  14. I prefer the flap myself :yes: