Help me pick my next Bbag!

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  1. Okay, I have a chance to get 3 different bags right now and I'm having a hard time deciding so I NEED YOUR HELP! Here's the run down...a brand new Magenta Box, a '04 slightly used Black City (I just sold mine so I don't have one anymore) or a brand new black Work. Now, I have a Magenta Pouchette so if I get the Box (which I LOVE this style) I will have to sell the Pouchette. Which style do you think I should have? Is a Box too big for such a bright color? Remember I am more of a neutral girl. Or should I get the Black City since I sold mine OR should I get the black Work which is a really good price??? I'm panicing here because I want to get the right one. I need opinions!
  2. Well, this is easy. I will purchase the magneta pouchette from you. :yes: So buy the magenta box. That color and style is nearly impossible to find, isn't it?
  3. Well, we aren't suppose to buy and sell on here so I can't do that but I do love the Box style but I'm scared Magenta in that size bag (even though it's small) might be too much. Plus I have 2 more Box styles so maybe I should get a different style. As you can tell I am very undecided!:shrugs:
  4. Ah, right, ok, sorry!!! Didn't mean to break any rules.

    I know what you mean about magenta. It is a bright color so it will probably be a bag you use once in a while. I saw the LE magenta city in BalNY and it was stunning.

    Are you able to see any of the bags irl??
  5. I think the Magenta box sounds great! I just ordered the SGH magenta city from Daphne, so I'm biased. I also like the black work too.
  6. No, that's the bad thing...only pics.
  7. My vote definitely goes to the Magenta Box. You just never know if the opportunity for one of those is going to come up again; the others will be back. :yes:

    Also, I want a Box and I want Magenta, so I'm living vicariously through you. ;)

    Let us know what you decide, and - of course - post pictures!
  8. Well, I still think you should go with the Box. You will always be able to find a buyer who wants a rare color and style, whereas you can easily find a black city or work (I think anyway). But, you are getting a good price, right?

    Can you sleep on it???
  9. I say get the box.

    Why did you part ways with your Black city? Perhaps there's a reason why you sold it and that might help you in your decision making.

    I agree, Black City and Work are going to be pretty easy to find - and the SS 07 and FW 07 leather are amazing so finding one later on shouldn't be to difficult...and if you do decide that the Magenta Box isn't for you, you can always sell it and since it is rare, it wouldn't be that difficult.
  10. Yeah, I could sleep on it but I have been for the past 3 days and I'm still undecided!:roflmfao:

  11. Well, the ONLY reason I sold my City was because it was a little dry and since I'm getting a Black Box soon and have a Black Day I didn't think I needed 3 black bags but I really do like the City.
  12. Black Work
  13. You can never go wrong with too many black bags IMO. I would get the magenta box or black '04 city~ both rare bags.
  14. 04 Black City, hands down. Followed closely by the Black Work. :heart: Both sizes and shapes are totally versitile and usable. Staples for sure!!
  15. My thoughts exactly...particularly if the black '04 city has pewter hardware (which seems a little harder to come by).