help me pick my next bag!


Next addition?

  1. anthracite brief

  2. black city

  3. rouge vermillion city

  4. other...? please post your suggestion

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  1. I have a rouge theater twiggy, sandstone city, and BG day.

    I'm obssessed with anthracite- since it's dark and more interesting than black... but black is classic!! I'm also consiidering getting a rouge vermillion city b/c i love red!!!

    I can only get 1 bag at this time..

    so help me pick!
  2. I voted for black. Every collection needs a black city. :yes:
  3. :tup: I vote Rouge Vermillion City, it is such a gorgeous shade!!!
  4. i know i need a dark bag.. it's matter of black..or almost black (anthracite).. but vermillion is so hot!!

    decisions decisions!!!
  5. I vote for a black city... everyone seems to think it's a Bbag must. I want one myself:yes:
  6. black is made every season, you can always get it later, vermillion is harder to come across [=
  7. I say get a work size! how about anthracite work... if you hunt around for it? I prefer the work to the brief you suggested... or if you love red, a vermilion work rather than city? good luck!
  8. work would be a little too big for my needs, although the brief is flat, which i'm not crazy about... but i do want something in anthracite..
  9. i voted black bcity..but i also think vermillion would be good =)
  10. Black city :yes:
  11. Ditto! I just sold my SGH Black City, now looking for RH Black City, I voted black!:yes:
  12. black city :smile:
  13. I voted for a black city... but since you love Anthracite... is it possible for you to find an Anthracite City??? :flowers:
  14. I voted black City because cinnamon City wasn't there. I think a dark bag so black, cinnamon, Cafe, '05 chocolate or anthracite are my choices.
  15. I voted for anthra brief. It is a color and style that you don't have. I think it would add the most diversity to your bbag wardrobe given the choices you posted. Good luck!