Help me pick my next bag!

  1. Okay, since I'm new to this I'm not even sure what would be good for me next. I currently have the Mini-Signature East West Duffle in khaki/saddle and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I would like to get a black bag as well. I'm thinking of the Soho Flap, but I'm not sure whether I should get the large size or just smaller. I saw a bag on eBay that looks similar to the current Soho flap, but it looks more boxy. I love how that looks. I have some others in mind, but I wanted suggestions. Here is what I need:

    1. Black - I'm probably looking for a signature product in black on black or black/grey

    2. It must be long enough to hold an envelope wallet and a few other items. I love the size of the East West.

    3. I tend to like the more structured styles better. I will be carrying it with business suits rather than casual clothes.

    Any suggestions? You gals and guys are the experts!

    Then, if my perfect bag is a retired bag, where do you recommend I look for it? eBay? Outlets? Thanks!
  2. how about the legacy shoulder tote in black signature? that is a great bag! very classic, great for work
  3. I aggree with court I think the legacy shoulder tote would be perfect!
  4. I have an older Soho flap (regular not small) and other than a long wallet, there isn't a huge amount of room in there. it gets heavy quickly also. I would go for an Ali.
  5. I agree with legacy shoulder bag in black leather only because it holds its shape just a little better than the signature from my experience. I had a khaki/ebony shoulder bag that I really liked but when I put all my stuff in it, it sagged more than I liked that particular bag to sag. Either would be gorgeous though!
  6. The Legacy Shoulder Zip would also be a great choice. It will hold a larger wallet (an envelope wallet or accordian wallet) with lots of room to spare. :yes:

  7. I have this from last years Soho Line, If you want I can find what the serial is. They may have had it in black sig too. Mine is White Leather.

    Although I do have to agree with the other ladies here. If you want leather go for Legacy anything. If you want black sig, my suggestion would be this.[​IMG]
  8. Legacy Shoulder Zip
  9. ok - based on the above (boxy, black, long enough for an envelope wallet, and structured) I suggest the Coach lunch tote.

    Haven't seen them at the store in a while (I got mine in December)...but check ebay!

    Here's a picture of mine...


    and picture from drilldown