Help me pick my new B bag!!

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  1. Hi all I'm a newbie to this forum but am searching out my next B bag - and what better place to start than TPF!

    Here's what I want in my next bag:
    1. ability to become slouchy
    2. light
    3. can be held in the elbow, in the hand and on the shoulder
    4. can't be hugely overwhelming. I'm only 5 foot and 120lbs.

    So I'm thinking the Giant Brief SGH but does it fit the above criteria? To the people who own this bag, does it slouch? Does the GH make this bag quite heavy? And will it overwhelm me cos I'm petite?

    If anyone has any other recs on what style I should get, that would be sooo appreciated. Thanks everyone :heart:
  2. I have the Day with SGH and I don't find it heavy at all! A really great, slouchy bag!
  3. If it's your next bag, which one/ones do you already have?
  4. GH bags inevitably add weight to the bag. All Bbags tend to slouch with use, it is a matter of how much you load & how much you use it. Also I realize the GH helps break in a bag faster...must be all that extra weight!!! Do you like the shape of the Brief? Some find it overwhelming on them & some even find the pear shape unappealing. Do you have a City? I think it is a good choice since you can satisfy this criteria, can be held in the elbow, in the hand and on the shoulder.
  5. Anything without giant hardware (because giant hardware makes the bag significantly heavy compared to regular hardware) and nothing bigger than the Work size for starters. The Weekender is a big bag and I'm not sure how comfortable you'd feel with it. The Work is also a big bag but not as large. In the reference thread there's a list of all the dimensions of each bag. Get a ruler and check it out so you have an idea of what you're dealing with. :smile:
  6. Definitely a RH City for you! =)
  7. thanks guys...the RH city would seem the choice but I'm not feeling the tassels & I was a little averse to the city because it seems the most popular size. I wanted to get one that not everyone will have.

    I currently have a vert d'eau first but am selling it - it's too small & so I hardly use it. I think I saw a pic in here of a Mini City - is that right? Are these really rare? They look about the right size for me!!
  8. there is no MINI CITY. maybe TWiggy?
  10. I agree with muggles, I have the SGH Day and it fits all your criteria. It's not heavy at all and is slouchy. It's definitely lighter than my SGH city. I'm 5ft 1" by the way.
  11. I have never owned a brief, but I think their shape may "slouch" less than say a Twiggy or City. Have you considered a Twiggy? They only come in reg. hardware, are slouchy and very versatile, and light! =)
  12. But twiggy is small!
  13. I would also say the rh City, but the SGH Day would not be heavy.
  14. I'm also 5", I think the rh city is a better choice.
    I tried brief once, and I kind of think it looks too long with my small frame.
    Hope it helps! good luck!!