Help me pick my last L.V for the year already

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  1. Ok guys I went a little:nuts:already this year and now it's already time for my last one (per hubby)! Anyway I started off the year getting 3 vernis Alma mm's and a azur neverfull gm to name a few. For my last one I want to make her very special. I am thinking either something new like the Monogram Neo (which might be to small) or look for one of my holy grail bags? Which would be Stephen Sprouse vernis roses pink alma, mono Irene, or a Moca Murakami neverfull gm. BTW I need to stay in the same budget as the mono Neo and I am not sure if I will beable to with the HG's? I do have 4 neverfull gm's and other vernis alma's and also lots of monogram so it's just a matter of which is the best way to end the year. My first pick right now is the moca murakami nf gm but I am not sure if it is to young? Iam 40ish. Please help:biggrin:
  2. The irene is gorgeous! I saw it on an customer while at the boutique and she was just glowing to me. You already have lots of Almas and NFs so the Irene is perfect to end your year.
  3. I vote for the Irene too! I think it will round off your collection perfectly!
  4. ITA - Irene is delicious !
  5. Irene :P
  6. I vote for the irene if you can find one
  7. Irene if you can find one! such a gorgeous bag
  8. Irene
  9. I think it's unanimous that the Irene won! No need for more persuasion :P
  10. I agree with everyone on the Irene but she is hard to find and if I do she is out of my budget. I am still kicking myself for missing her when she came out! Any other idea's guys?
  11. i vote for the irene too
  12. Irene!

  13. LOL You didnt miss out, you had her but gave her back! :noggin:

    I think you need to take the irene out of the configuration as its totally out of the budget girl!