help me pick my first strand of chanel pearls!

  1. hey gals! i'm trying to pick my first strand of chanel pearls. I would like them to wear with black dresses, evening wear, work etc, but I can't decide between the two. Which one do you think is more practical/cuter? I love how the pearls with 3 CCs is so much more versatile, but I think perhaps with
    work clothing etc it may be a little too much? also, does anyone know the retail price of the three CCs, the eBay listing says 1995 pounds, but i highly doubt that :graucho: , as The two CCs retail for $695. anyways, cant wait to hear all of your input!

    Two CCs :
    eBay: CHANEL - WHITE / CREAM PEARLS & CHARMS NECKLACE / BELT (item 150082418293 end time Jan-22-07 19:25:56 PST)

    Three CCs:
    eBay: AUTH CHANEL WHITE CC CHARMS LONG PEARL NECKLACE / BELT (item 160075379142 end time Jan-28-07 12:00:00 PST)
  2. Hi, I'm sabotaging my own sale here but I like the longer pearls. There is NO WAY they retailed for 1995 pounds. I notice this seller stretches the truth about the retail price on all her auctions.
  3. the first set of pearls does retail $695.00 and they still can be found in stores. try doing a topic search in this forum and you can find the style number and call 1800 550 0005 and have them do a store search! good luck
  4. I like the shorter strand myself - the long one just seems like too much.
  5. i like both actually. the first is a bit fresher and youthful, but the longer strand can be so versatile.
  6. I like both..LOL..GREAT..Now I want them too...LMAO..This place is VERY bad for my wallet!!!
  7. has anyone actually seen the pearls with the 3 CCs. I called the chanel 800 number and chanel in SF and none of them have ever really heard of / seen the 3 CCs...wondering about its authenticity? I really like how it's so long and can be wrapped around three times....sooo cute! :love:
  8. The seller on eBay with the 3 CCs is from Canada. They boutiques in Canada order separately from the US. They get stuff that the US does not. I bought my darkwhite reissue 226 in Vancouver because non of the US boutiques or department stores ordered it in that size. Try calling a boutique in Canada for the longer strand.:yes:
  9. I like them both !! Monica....yours are beautiful !!:love:
  10. I like the long necklace.
  11. I haven't seen the longer strand available here.

    The seller has "Canada" listed as where she is from, but her prices are in GBP and she uses "EXPRESS PRIORITY MAIL" (not a Canadian shipping service) to ship to Canada. I think she must be in Britain somewhere. Perhaps she lives and got the pearls overseas?
  12. I can't decide which I like better either. All of them are gorgeous.
  13. i love them all, i want them all, every season, every color ! you can't go wrong with either two you picked
  14. My vote is for the first one!!! I'm wearing mine right now!