Help me pick my first pair of Gucci heels! (please :))

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  1. Hellooo! :wlae:

    I really want to get a pair of gucci heels and take advantage of the great discounts going on right now. Please help me -- I am deciding between five pairs. Unfortunately, I can only get one, okay, maybe two, right now. Which style do you like/ order of preference and which one do you think will sell out first? (I'm thinking I might order another pair a little later) Thanks!!! :heart::heart::heart:

    PS I don't know if this helps, but I'm 18 and in college right now.

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  2. I like the second one the most, it's more elegant & very guccish :tup: !!!! lolz but then I think the 3rd would sell out faster. since Gucci is high fashion, the 3rd pair can be on runway & high fashionable shoes. I would go with the 2nd pair if I were you, silver doesn't match with a lot of stuff. Well to me it isn't, i usually get white to match with black, sometimes it's silver but not a lot.

    but anyways, good luck with choosing the shoes. Show us picture when you get them.

    ps.I'm 18 & in college too but I couldn't get any Gucci shoes unlike you bc I buy many shoes at same time so I rather spend little money like Steve Madden or Bebe or BCBG than in a pricey one. Lucky u!
  3. I would get number 2 or 5 I am actually thinking about those as well!
  4. How would you lovely gucci experts wear #3...I think it's a hot pair, but I can't imagine what outfit I'd wear with it...
  5. the first pair is very sexy, and very versatile for your first pair.

    I like the silver 5" indy pumps, but they're a little on the wild side. Unless you really like silver.
  6. i really like 2 & 5 as well. and then #1. i think the other pairs aren't as timeless because of the thicker heel and the platform. those come in and out, the other three would always be in style...
  7. ow I really like 2 and 5 too! I like the shape of the first but I don't know about the colour ...
  8. I would go for No. 2 and No. 5...
    Because you can wear them with anything... And the detail on No. 2 is really cool...
    The Metallic ones are cool but they might go in and out of style... No. 2 and No. 5 are forever Chic!

    BTW, I love high heels as well... I just can't walk in them.... So I am jealoused...
  9. i like 1 and 5, that's really tough though ...
  10. hoping for some more opinions please :cutesy:
  11. i like the second one the most =) im 20 and a college student..i figure its easier to match with choice #2
  12. the gold GG is very HOT HOT!!
  13. I'd say 1 and 3 :yes: Very high fasion but wearable... you can find shoes simliar to 2 or 5 anywhere... 1 and 3 are distinctively Gucci :yes:
  14. 1 or 5
  15. 1 & 5! lots of mileage there with those shoes. silver is good actually, but the indy pair is so... blingy? hehe but I also like number 2. actually, 1 if the color is 2, then 5. why not buy all 3?