help me pick my first gucci (sort of) :)


which one?

  1. britt tote

  2. black tote

  3. priny leather hobo

  4. other?? please elaborate :)

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  1. ok so I am going to be purchasing my first non vintage gucci sometime this month (methinks around my birthday at the end of the month, but realisticalyl whenever I end up in manhattan I will most likely hit up the gucci store)

    and I can't decide between these three bags, I need something that will easily hole a small laptop and a book or two (starting law school this fall and I want something I can carry my stuff in everyday!)

    what do you all think???


    black tote.gif

    leather hobo.gif
  2. [​IMG]
    sorry here is the third one, I didn't quite get the hang of posting pics on the first try
  3. Hello

    On looks alone I vote for the Brown Guccissima Princy hobo. I have it and I LOVE It. It is a great bag.

    But you mentioned that you want it to be able to hold a laptop and some books. The only one that might come close to being able to do that is the New Britt Tote the others are going to be way to small.
  4. I like the Guccissima Princy but that won't be big enough to hold a laptop so I think you should get the Britt.
  5. I vote for the Britt Brown tote, suitable for your needs.
  6. The Britt tote is best suited for your needs :yes:
  7. #2 is best 2 suit ur needs :yes:
  8. #1 or #2...depending on which better suits your needs....
  9. I say the Britt tote for school and the Princy hobo for weekends! :graucho: But yeah, the skinny straps on the Britt might be uncomfortable if you're carrying a heavy load.
  10. I vote for the brown as well :smile:
  11. britt for the laptop!

    princy hobo for the rest of your stuff!

    that way you carry 2 gucci bags, ain't it great?:nuts:

  12. I'm really thinking about just getting both- I love the princy hobo so much- I know its too small for my stuff though- :sad:

    maybe I should get the chocolate guccissima version of the horsebit hobo.. soo expensive though!!

    I wanted to get a lv batignoles too, but maybe I will just suck it up and get one bag instead of two and get something I really would use all the time....
  13. i like the 2nd one posted.
  14. I vote for #2, since it best suits your purpose