Help me pick my first designer item!


Which item should I buy?

  1. LV Pochette Cles $215.00

  2. Kooba Zoe Small Bag $285.00

  3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Eyelet Leather Wristlet $128.00

  4. DKNY Glazed Leather Flap Satchel $295.00 SALE: $199.00

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  1. I am getting my first credit card soon and am looking to build up some credit. I thought I would make a decent purchase and was wondering which of the following you think I should choose...


    LV Pochette Cles $215.oo

    Kooba Zoe Small Bag $285.oo

    Marc by Marc Jacobs Eyelet Leather Wristlet $128.oo

    DKNY Glazed Leather Flap Satchel $295.oo SALE: $199.oo

  2. Hmm, it depends on what you're looking for ... are you wanting a bag? Or a wristlet? What do you need it for?
  3. i like kooba and dkny.. but it depends what you really wanna buy in term of size
  4. Oooh--get the LV Perfo Pochette Cles!!!:heart: What color are you thinking of getting? I want either the Fuchsia or Green color---too cute!
  5. I like them all but my favorite is the Marc Jacobs...
  6. That DKNY bag is such a pretty color! Great sale price too!
  7. Definitely the LV Cles..I guarantee you'll still have it 10+ years in the future. My mom still has (and uses) hers from the late 80s and it's in perfect condition!
  8. Marc by Marc Jacobs Eyelet Leather Wristlet is the only one from the list... For real, it has it all - style, design, and finaly i think it should be good as a first byu :smile:
  9. The cles! it holds up through the years and also holds its value should you decide to sell it.
  10. I say the Lv Cles! You will love it
  11. i would say cles in MC :yahoo:
  12. I couldn't pick just one. :shame: I went with the LV Cles and the MJ Wristlet...they both are just sooo adorable! :love:
  13. the marc by marc jacobs wristlet is really cute. i also like the LV cles. it depends how much you carry around. the DKNY is a great every day bag.
  14. i guess it depends on what your lifestyle is like.
    clutches never work for me because i carry around wayyy too much stuff. so i would say either the kooba or... the dkny. both seem like you could dress them up or wear casually! gluck~
  15. It just depends on what you are going to use the bag for. ie. the Cles wouldn't be functional for a bag:lol: . I'm huge on functionality so I say the DKNY. If your just looking for a small assocory, then the MJ.