Help me pick my first Damier

  1. O.K., everybody who cares, help me pick it. Doesn't matter if it's shoulder or handheld. I own 3 lv's--white mc alma, popincourt haut and large mono bucket. Price is really not that big of an object. Just want your opinion on the best overall Damier handbag. So if you own one and just love it, or if you own one and never use it, tell me why. :heart:
  2. I love my Saleya PM. It is a great everyday bag with handy cellphone pocket and pretty red interior. I love how it opens up because you can see everything inside easily. It's just a great bag! :flowers:
  3. i like the Speedy 25. i have it and it's a great bag :yes:

    the Saleya is also a good bag. another one i'm in love with is the Duomo.
  4. Im in love with the Ribera right now.
  5. I love my Saleya as well because it's so practical and gorgeous at the same time!

    But I also love the shape of the Ribera - hot!!
  6. Speedy but of course!!!
    The Papillon is a cutie as well.
  7. The Saleya PM



  8. I am loving that Saleya. But I also am considering the speedy. It looks like the Saleya may hold its shape better. The more I look at it the more I like it! Great pictures, Jane!
  9. Because of the way it's contructed, it never sags on the bottom. Tons of space inside, and easy access, too. GET IT!
  10. Sold!
  11. yay, another Saleya convert!! :yahoo:
    The sag-free Saleya, oh yeah... :wlae:
  12. I'm so excited to get this bag I don't think I can wait until payday! With this much positive feedback, I am confident I'm going to love it. Thanks everybody!
  13. i'm still in love the speedy 25 damier - i just think it looks so cute!!!
  14. I don't have one, but I really like the Saleya.
  15. I just got the damier speedy 30 and I :heart: it. So much room inside.I used a board on the bottom to prevent sagging and it worked. This is also a great traveling bag. I couldn't believe how much stuff I could put inside.