Help me pick my first Damier Azur

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  1. I only have one LV- speedy 30 in Damier Ebene. I have decided that I'd like to get a Damier Azur for spring/summer. I want to spend under $1k and am leaning toward getting a shoulder bag, but unsure. I don't want the color transfer issue so if one style is better at avoiding that (or if you have great ideas to avoid transfer/clean transfer) then I'd like to look at that. Should I get shoulder or just stick to speedy?

    I have narrow shoulders so some bags won't stay on my shoulder. I'd like one that will stay! LOL

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. I'd go with Neverfull MM or Totally MM.. and if you're willing to spend a bit more, then the Galliera PM for sure! My sister has the Totally MM in Azur and she is 5'2.. she hasn't experienced any colour transfer. Good luck deciding :smile:
  3. Yes i agree totally or need a shoulder bag! I get tired of carrying around a hand held Lv...another speedy later!
  4. how about the THAMES or NEVERFULL.....
  5. galliera PM
  6. I have really narrow shoulders too, and my NF never falls off my shoulder. I think that is my favorite thing about it. Bags always fall off my shoulder if they have two straps. The Galliera is a nice option too. Both are beautiful bags!
  7. NF MM!!! just got it in azur & LVoe it
  8. Same here! I think it's the perfect summer bag!:heart:
  9. Galliera PM!
  10. Paula! It's great to see you here!! I'm gonna vote for NF too. Then you have variety o hand held and a shoulder bag with the dark and light damier.

    I can't wait to see what you decide on!
  11. I will vote for the Galliera.

    I was originally going to say the Speedy 30 (since it's such a cute bag) but you already have one in monogram, so I figured the Galliera would be a great choice. :heart:

    Good luck with your decision and make sure you let us know which one you got! :biggrin:
  12. I vote for the Thames. i am thinking about getting one too.
  13. I was thinking Neverfull, but was not sure since the straps are so thin. Does anyone have a problem with the straps being so thin? I thought I read about quality issues with them fraying or breaking or something too. Anyone know about this?
  14. Yea that's my only dislike on the NF is the thin straps. I would say a batignolles horiOntal or vertical but they only come in monogram.
  15. I know and I would like to stay away from mono right now. I am really liking the azur pattern.