help me pick my first B bag!

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  1. hi!
    New to B-bags. what is the main difference between the twiggy and the first? they look very similar to me. sorry if it sounds dumb. I haven't seen them IRL. which one is a good 1st bag to own? Thanks
  2. first bag? get the first ;)
  3. I think the Twiggy is more of a boxier style than the first. Check out the "Read Me: Your Balenciagas (pictures only)" Thread. There are pics of all the styles in there!!
    For a first Bbag I would go with a First (or a City)
    Good luck!!
  4. I vote for either the first or the city. Both classic bbags styles. The first doesn't hold a lot, but is very cute for day or night. Twiggy is a great bag, but not for everybody. Good luck!:yes:
  5. the first is a great starter the name suggests heehee :smile:
  6. I love the twiggy style a lot.....but for a first Bbag purchase I'd advise going for a first or city.
  7. thanks girls! it seems like the first is the winner!
  8. Firstly I would go for a First as a first purchase... ;)
    That is unless you carry a lot around then I would go for the Twiggy which can hold more.
  9. The First for SurE!