Help me pick my first (and maybe second) bbag!

  1. OK, I've been obsessively looking at everyone's pictures and am ready to take the BBag plunge!

    But I can't decide which color. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get the Day for my first one. But I'm ALSO considering getting either a city or part-time in the not-so-distant future (maybe 2 months or so).

    So - if I were to only get ONE, I'd probably get a black Day. However, since I'm thinking I'll probably get another, maybe I should get a black city/PT and get the ocean or plomb Day? I just think a black city is so classic, but I don't want 2 black bbags. I'm definitely planning on sticking to the F/W 07 bags because I unfortunately can't buy in person, so I want to be relatively sure the leather will be nice.

    What do you gals think?
    1) Ocean Day, black city or part-time
    2) Plomb Day, black city or part-time
    3) Black Day, another color city or PT

    Or Ocean Day and Plomb City? Ugh, decisions!!!
  2. like you said, a black city is a classic so i dont think you can go wrong but why not try a plomb city? its a nice alternative to black definitely and the leather is really nice on the plomb (very consistent according to many here) and get the ocean day to satisfy the craving for a colored bag? the oceans I've seen are gorgeous!

    good luck and keep us posted!
  3. I love the Plomb, but I wouldn't get that color AND Black - too similar .... I say Plomb Day and Ocean City .... you can always get a Black City later on :graucho:
  4. I like both ideas ... so maybe scratch the black for now, and just decide which one I want to be plomb and which one ocean!
  5. I agree with queenvictoria...the black will always be available. I think that if you plan on getting a black city (very classic) in the future, a plomb city might be too similar so maybe try an ocean city and plomb day?