Help me pick my CL Reward!!

  1. OK. I'm in the middle of a super important deadline for a super important filing--the first of my career!

    It's been like, all nighters in a hotel room for the last week ... and I need a light at the end of the tunnel!

    Should I reward myself when this was over with:

    - black leather knee high boot (and which? I've had my heart set on the bourge);

    - wine patent rolandos;

    - or something else?

    TIA! (It's getting tough now!!)

  2. wine patent rolandos babe! they are next on my list ;)
  3. if you get the bourges boot thats a classic! It's a reward that's more like an investment and perfect for this time of year!
  4. I'd go with the bourges boots!!! I agree with chances that they are not only great for the current season, but also an investment! SHOW US PICS when you get them and good luck on the filing! :smile:
  5. Tough choice. Both are wardrobe essentials that would get a lot of use, but I will have to go with the consensus and say the boots. I think a big purchase (that is a sound investment) would be greatly rewarding.
  6. both are TDF! I'd go for the boots because i think it's something you can wear forever and ever.
  7. the boots :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  8. Undoubtedly the boots! They are incredible!:p
  9. Legaldiva, I know the feeling all too well of having to spend repeated days and nights to meet a deadline. I've also treated myself a number of times for simply getting through those periods, and know what a difference it makes to have a reward to look forward to.

    I think you should get a pair of boots, particularly the Bourges. They are a classic boot that you will wear for many years to come. I also like some of the other boots with the covered platform, but feel like they will look dated in a few years.

    Good luck in getting through your deadline! :flowers:
  10. Bourge boots for sure! Those are true timeless classics, actually hard to find, and the price increase on those come next fall is going to be frightening. So grab them now if you have the chance.
  11. I LOVE my wine patent Rolando's :love:, but I would have to say the boots, because they're classic, sexy as hell, and a great investment! :love: Of course, you can always get the Rolando's down the road haha... ;)
  12. :flowers: Yay! Congrats, Legal! Soon you'll be able to exhale...and while you're at it, get yourself a pair of Bourges!

    Bourges all the way..:wlae:
  13. I have them both but if you had to get one I would go with the boots! As the other ladies said, they are timeless! I love the height of the heel and the shape of the toe. They kinda remind me of the Decolletes!
  14. I concur, go for the boots.
  15. Wine Patent Rolandos of course!