Help me pick my birthday purse

  1. My boyfriend has kindly offered to buy me a purse for my upcoming birthday and I narrowed it down to three choices:

    The Kooba Lena:

    the Kooba Sloane in Bark:


    and the Bulga Crescent:


    Out of the 2 Koobas, after months of debating, I'm starting to lean towards the Sloane better - and I do like that Bulga but started worrying that it's kinda "meh." I think I might get bored with it. It looks super cute but maybe it's not that special?

    I am also starting to wonder if I am being to narrow in my bag choices and if there's something out there that I might enjoy more that I haven't considered.

    I want a nice roomy purse/tote since I like to carry lots of stuff with me at all times. Perhaps in brown, although I'm beginning to think I have way too much brown, so maybe a nice eggplant or olive? The purse that I lose sleep over is the Jimmy Choo patent Ramona in bordeaux but that is just out of the question, but I'm hoping to get something really special and I'm not sure if any of the bags I mentioned will set my heart aflutter. :love:

    Can anyone help with some other suggestions? I work as a TV producer so I don't need to be all "suited up" at the office but I'd like something that is both semi-casual, but fashionable too. And it needs to be $500 or less as my boyfriend might disown me if I send him a list of ridiculously expensive items! :wtf:

    Hoping you can help clear up my murky purse dilemma...

  2. I like the second one best...happy birthday!
  3. i like the lena, and happy birthday dear :yahoo:
  4. Happy Birthday:balloon: :balloon:

    (I like the Lena the best.)
  5. I like the Lena too!
  6. Thanks for your advice ladies - but I'm more confused than ever! :smile:

    What are people's thoughts on these babies for totes?

    Gustto Sambuca:


    Anna Corinna motorcycle city tote - large - in Brass.


    Any other suggestions? HELP! :wtf:
  7. I am liking the Gussto Sambuca! It will suit you really well, very edgy but stylish... How much is it and where are you going it buy it?The second one, however, looks like it can hold more stuff and looks lighter. When are you going to get all these purses????
  8. Oh God no! I'm not getting them all! I'm only allowed one. Of course, I'll probably decide to buy a couple others with my own funds. :graucho:

    I thought the Gustto was definitely different! But I don't know too much about this brand and I'm wondering if it's just an impulse purchase. I think I like it better than the Sloane though - which seems kinda plain - plus Koobas are tres heavy! It's 645 at active endeavours:

    Active Endeavors | Shopping --- Gustto Sabuca Bag - Vintage Brown

    Really - I feel like a kid in a candy store who's been told they can only pick just one thing! Now I'm in a tizzy to find the perfect bag and time is running out! :sweatdrop: (My birthday is in a little over 2 weeks which means I should order it by the end of the week max if I want to get it by the big day!)
  9. im going to be the odd one out but i :heart: LOVE the bulga crescent. i think its adorable. the shape makes it trendy yet sophisticated =) but i have no clue about dimensions so its really up to you =) happy birthday too!
  10. I love the Kooba Slone! So casual chic
  11. Both Koobas are very cool looking. I like the straps.
  12. I have to vote for the Bulga..I have the crescent in brown and the leather is SO yummy soft- it's also a lighter bag than the Koobas...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  13. I pick the Anna Corinna ! happy birthday!
  14. The Kooba Sloane!
  15. My favourite is the Gussto Sambuca...I love that bag...and there are coupons out and about for AE...if your boyfriend uses one of should be in the $500 range!