Help me pick my best Hair!


Which hair is best for me

  1. #1 Platinum

  2. #2 light golden Blonde

  3. #3 Dark blonde/light brown

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ok ladies- I've done through a few different hair colors (all in the blonde family) over the past few years and can't really decide which is my best look.... Please take a vote and help me decide what to do!

    First I was platinum, then this middle blonde, then my current dark blonde (which I feel is brown but my hair dresser insists is still blonde). I've been a few others, but I think these capture it best

  2. Well the first two actually look kind of the same to me, i just cant see your face in the second. And the third one looks kind of like an ash blonde. I think you look beautiful in all the pics but im going to have to say the first platinum blonde! Thats my favorite! It really looks good with your skin tone.
  3. I like the middle! I voted for #2
  4. I like you better in the first 2 pics, I like the platinum blonde on you
  5. I like the 2nd picture! Cute hair and shirt.
  6. I was worried 1 and 2 look the same. Should I post a better picture of the platinum so the difference is more obvious?
  7. Awww thank you!
  8. Hi! I have to agree that the first two seem the same....but you look lovely in #1....I find #3 just doesn't do as much for you. Go blond...they have more fun! Z
  9. here are two more of the platinum hair:

    in most of these I'm tan (spray!). The one of me with the dark hair #3 I, of course, am not (and I was sick) so I think I look a little paler than normal.

    I appreciate everyone's help!
  10. I think #2 is the most flattering, though they all look really good and the dimension in #3 is outstanding.
  11. I might go for a mix- i dye my hair about the same color as ur middle one (loreal prefrence 10 NB) but i got to the salon before hand and i get low lights and highlights (esp around my face), then i dye over those.
    It turns out really pretty and people actually mistake it for my natural hair all the time.
  12. i like number 2
  13. #2 looks the most natural and it flatters your skin tone.
  14. I like #2 the best!
    I think the 3rd one is a bit too ashy colored for your skin tone
  15. thats what I figured. Ugh, too bad I'm stuck with #3 for awhile. Maybe if I use enough bronzer...LOL