Help me Pick my Bag


help me decide

  1. anthracite twiggy

  2. anthracite flat messenger

  3. aqua twiggy or messenger?

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  1. Anthracite twiggy
    Anthracite flat messenger
    aqua twiggy
  2. Of the three choices, Aqua twiggy. I would love to see an Aqua flat messenger!
  3. aqua twiggy!
  4. Anthracite twiggy
  5. I love the aqua, and I think it would be stunning in a messenger or twiggy! I am not really taken by the anthracite, its a bit disappointing for me.
  6. Aquamarine twiggy....fabulous bag going into spring. Wonderful color, great shape....PERFECT!
  7. Anthracite Flat Messenger !!!! without hesitations !!!
  8. anthracite twiggy! love the color and the shape!
  9. aqua messenger
  10. I vote anthracite twiggy...sounds like a beautiful combo!! :balloon:
  11. Not sure - powderpuffs pictures of the aquamarine are gorgeous. I'll get back to you....
  12. I say Aqua anything!!!!
  13. Aqua twiggy for sure.:yes:
  14. Aqua :yes:
  15. Anthracite flat messenger! :yes: