Help me pick my anniversary gift!

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  1. Hi everyone. Hope you all are well!

    I can't decide on a bag that I want (debating between tote or a wallet on chain type bag). So instead I think I want to go with an accessory.

    Which would you pick?
    Key holder (4 or 6?)
    Mini pochette
    Toiletry pouch 19

    I have to ask, is the mini pochette really worth it over the other items? What would be most useful in your opinion? Thank you!
  2. I pick the 6 key holder because I use mine every day.

    I use my mini pochette as an organizer for my purse. I really dislike having a lot of loose items floating around.

    Happy anniversary!
  3. Mini pochette for those loose items :smile: fits in small or big bags.
    But if you are a big bag person, the toiletry 19 also is a good choice.
    The key holder just don't work for me, but that's me :smile:
  4. The mini is perfect as a catch-all if you prefer smaller to medium bags but the 19 is great for larger purses or if you travel frequently, especially via plane (put essentials such as lip balm, sanitizer, lotions, phone, pen, earbuds, etc. inside and then slip into pocket in front so you don't have to keep reaching down for your purse). I personally wouldn't go for the key holder though since it seems to be prone to premature cracking, particularly the glazing around where the canvas and leather bends.
  5. Mini pochette
  6. Mini pochette for all the above reasons
  7. Mini pochette
  8. The mini pochette is my favorite accessory next to my wallet. Like others have said, it keeps everything in one place and makes changing bags so much easier.
  9. Mini Pochette is great but I can't carry mine on its own anymore since it barely fits my iPhone 6. It's a great catch all inside s bag but I would prefer a toiletry pouch for that sole I say get the toiletry 19.
  10. Mini pochette since it can house either your keys, makeup, money/cards, phone accessories, etc, etc... It's a multipurpose item for sure! I use mine everyday as a grab and go inside my larger bags if I go out during lunch and leave the big bag at work! I also love to use it on cruises since you only need to carry your seapass and other little essentials like lip balm and hand cream, and my phone.

  11. +1 for using a Toiletry Pouch 19 on plane rides! I had to put my Pochette Accessoires in the seat front pocket and thought it would be nice to have a slightly smaller pouch for travel essentials. That said, I just purchased another mini pochette (after selling one before), only because it is so cute and I plan to use it like a pocket. Don't think of the mini pochette as a small handbag, think of it like a large coat pocket, that's all you can fit.
  12. I have a mini pochette and I just don't use it. I don't carry a lot of extra stuff, like make up and store cards. It sits in the closet because I might need it someday.
  13. What about a Pochette accessories?
  14. Wow I'm surprised at the majority vote on the mini pochette! Thank you everyone so far for your input!

  15. I'm not a fan of the regular pochette personally. whenever I see it I think of the imagine of the movies with the high school popular girl army with their pochette in tow.