Help me pick my 30th B-Day B-Bag!


What colour?

  1. Greige

  2. Rouge Vif

  3. Blue-Grey

  4. Other (please specify)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Well...the time is soon approaching and I need to focus on happy thoughts as I turn the corner ;).
    I want to fixate on my new b-bag that I'll be purchasing in a so-far undecided colour.
    I'm not sure what exactly is coming out in a/w at the end of August as I am so inlove with the current colours...and my birthday is in September.
    I will also be in Vegas for the retail convention at the end of August but don't know where to look for my new baby.
    If anyone has a few moments to spare, I'd totally appreciate it! Please vote in my poll and offer sage words of wisdom:tender: ! Thanks!
  2. how about ink?!

    happy early 30th!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. This season's Light Caramel color is really nice in person. I saw a city and totally wanted to take her home.
  4. i voted for Greige but if not, then get the Rouge VIF
  5. I wonder if the Greige can stand up to the Canadian climate (we turn into salt pillars by February)
  6. I voted for the rouge vif.
  7. Happy Pre-Birthday, style! :flowers:
    This was a tough call, as I love all the ones you listed. In the end, I voted for the rouge because the color is just so mesmerizing! :nuts:
  8. i would say rouge vif. i'll be 30 in 2 years and i'll want something in bright for my 30th b-day.
  9. Rouge vif! It's such a standout colour!
  10. You're b-day is in Sept? Same as mine! :yahoo: Go Virgo sista!! :wlae: Get the rouge vif City because it's sexy, young and fearless. Definitely a bag to make a statement and deter people from noticing your true age. :graucho:
  11. ^^Irissy! "deter people from noticing your true age"!? As someone who just turned thirty, I still think this is really young!!! :P :P :upsidedown:

    I do agree though that the red is the perfect color to celebrate a milestone b-day, and I think you'll be able to enjoy it for a long time--red seems to always be in style in some shape or form. :love:
  12. Rouge VIF. It's gorgeous!
  13. Aww... don't be mad at me, I was just teasing... :shame::shame::shame:
  14. Well, I think you know what I'm going to suggest....Rouge Vif!!!:yahoo: As for a place to get it in Las Vegas, I don't know. Does the NM there carry Balenciaga? When I contacted the NM store in Palo Alto about balenciagas, they told me Vegas NM has them, but the SA might have been wrong. I'd definitely call the stores around there(Saks, NM) ahead of time to make sure so you don't leave w/o a Bbag. :heart:
  15. I need more info on what your thoughts have been so far regarding your preferences on what color/style to buy before I can vote in the poll... ;)