Help me pick!! Different leather but same bag and color

Apr 9, 2015
Hi everyone! I'm pretty stuck between two Perfect edge bags in the burgundy, two of my SA's founds the perfect edge from last year Fall Act 1 2015 in the burgundy ombre goatskin and this year Fall Act 1 2016 in the burgundy glazed calfskin.
The one on top is the goatskin and the one in the bottom is the glazed calfskin. Which one do you think would wear better, vs the look of the bag.


Minty Tea

Jun 14, 2015
Goat skin - more durable, less likely to show scratches
Glazed calfskin - looks more refined/smoother, more likely to show scratches

Like Funbagz, I don't like ombre.
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Sep 6, 2014
I like bottom one from 2016 is better IMHO, but all is personal preference in the end and either r gorgeous color! good luck! :smile:


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Jun 28, 2015
I have the 2016 one. Is it really glazed calfskin? Interesting as its not the thin glazed leather when one thinks of glazed calf. It's definitely a shiny finish but it feels very durable to me though. Been road tested and approved :smile: I don't baby this one as it feels strong to me so I use it as one of my casual bags. I usually love goat skin but this one seems too dull (plastic like to me) and the ombre will not pass the test of time IMO.
If u like the look of the 2016 one I can tell you it's not delicate to me and little scratch if any over time might not hurt thus style's look too much imo. It's a practical and functional bag. The color is awesome.