Help me pick David Yurman purchase

  1. Well, I think it is time to buy a few David Yurman classic color cable bangle bracelets. I would like two, but can't decide on what two colors. I will buy the 7 mm size.

    So, I am asking all of your opinions...what two colors would you say?
  2. Do you have any pics?
  3. I will see if I can go cut and paste what the bracelet looks like. One problem is I can't find any store online that shows all the colors. That is one reason why I am asking all of you since many shop a great deal.
  4. Yurman.. I LOVE YURMAN jewelery..

    I have the blue topaz color classic and find it goes well with everything. I'd also suggest the peridot.. such a beautiful color.
  5. [​IMG]

    For those who don't know this is what it looks like. It is very basic, but you choose what color ends. I wish I knew all the those in the know can maybe list them.

    Let me know what two you all think.

    I have searched the web for a good source that lists all the colors, but have yet to find.
  6. what colors do you wear a lot of?

    i would go with purple and a blue pink or green, but those would work best with my wardrobe. what are the staple colors of yours?
  7. Those are lovely! I'm partial to blues and greens. I vote for the blue topaz and peridot, too.
  8. ^^ Same here! I'm not a big fan of amythest (purple) or citrine (yellow). You should see if it's available in prasiolite/green amythest. It's a sage green stone and is REALLY beautiful! I think that would be a great choice.
  9. i love the blue.
  10. Thank you.

    Do you know if it comes in a deep blue like sapphire?
  11. i prefer the green one...!:lol:
  12. KB! I have two but will be selling one - I recently purchased the blue topaz one....the other is gold ends....I have the blue topaz ring so decided I wanted the 'set' does go with a lot!
  13. i love the blue......i'm usually more of a pinks/purples kinda girl but the david yurman shade of blue is just to gorgeous to pass up :yes:
  14. Love the blue one!~
  15. I love the blue topaz picture that you posted! One of my friends has amythest and that is gorgeous too!