Help me pick! Can't decide :(

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  1. LV Cabas Piano

    Balenciaga black medium city

    Chloe Paddington

    For reference here's what I have already: Chloe Paddy in sable (pale pink), Chloe Silverado in chocolate, YSL Mombasa in black, YSL Nadja flower bag in beige suede. Which of the ones above would work best?

  2. if you have a Paddy then I say Balenciaga
  3. I would go w/ either the City or the LV. The paddy is great, but you already have one.
  4. the paddy is a slightly different style (padlock is on the side with a full top zipper). but you are right, I do already have one though I want ALL three of the bags I posted. I can only have one :cry:

  5. Although very lovely, I'd go with a different one :smile:
  6. def. balenciaga!
  7. Balenciaga!
  8. Balenciaga!
  9. I would say the cabas piano since you've already got a paddy.. and I prefer LV over balenciaga (sorry guys!).
  10. Balenciaga!
  11. I'd say the Balenciaga since you already have a paddy.
  12. Since you have a paddie already, the Balenciaga. Every bag collector needs at least one Balenciaga in the collection:biggrin:
  13. The LV. I'm not into Balenciaga...
  14. Work best for what purpose?
  15. I love the City!