Help me pick between these two?

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  1. I can't decide... I love them both but only want to buy one! :p For more info, I'm 45, dress very casually... I want it to carry as an everyday bag to work, shopping, wherever. They're the same price and about the same size, the large carryall is just a bit larger.



  2. I personally like the carryall better. It seems easier to get in and out of.
  3. I like the look of the carryall better.
  4. I'm going against the grain here... I'll say SATCHEL!! :yes:

    And I have a carryall right now... how horrible is that? :graucho: But seriously, I'm partial to the carryall with the silver hardware as opposed to the newer gold stuff... plus, I actually think the satchel would be easier to get into for everyday, as it has those double zippers that you could leave on top, and get into by either side...

    The carryall has this "coat zipper" thing going on... where it hooks in on one side and only zips one way... Well, that is if the pebbled ones have the same zipper as the sig.... MAN... I am long winded this week...
  5. I loooooove both of those bags. I have the business tote version of the first one, and I came thisclose to buying last season's version of the second one at the outlet awhile ago.

    They'd both be excellent everyday bags but I think I prefer the first one. The lack of outside pockets on it might drive me crazy, though. I really need at least one outside pocket. Another drawback might be that it's got one of those jacket-style zippers that doesn't go all the way across. You need two hands to do it up, which can be a pain but I don't mind it that much on my business tote or on my gallery tote. I kind of like it because you can leave it open and reach the inside pockets easily (which makes up for the lack of outside pockets), and you can get things in and out fast. It also makes it easier to cram bulky things into if you need to. Also, you can fit things like a magazine or waterbottle into it pretty easily, which you might not be able to do with the satchel.

    Either way, they're both great bags, and are both very classic styles.
  6. You can't go wrong with either. I am more of a carryall girl, but would love to carry either of those bags.
  7. Definitely the carryall!
  8. Another vote for carry-all!
  9. I'm in my early 20's and I would pick the first one. I am just not fond of the "bowling bag" shape handbag.
  10. That is what my dear hubby called the second bag but I like it but I have to agree the first one is much classier looking and easier to get in and out of. I had the second one at home and took it back because it was hard to get in and out of it and the first one you could leave open.
  11. i guess i'm alone on this one, but for a casual everyday bag, my vote's for the satchel.
  12. I like the satchel too.
  13. Satchel because the zipper on the carryall is a pain. And, I don't like that even with it zipped, the "sides" are still open and stuff can fall out. I like the look of the Carryall better, but the satchel is easier to use.
  14. I'm for the carryall - it just looks a bit more sophisticated to me although both are nice.
  15. i like the satchel