Help me pick between these two, please!

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  1. Hi all! So I bought a white offbeat hobo at Nordies anniversary sale for $400. It was more than I was wanting to spend but it was so nice. Then, last weekend I went to Nordstrom's Rack and found the lipstick saddle back for a cheap $265! So now I have both of them, but the guilt of my law school loans will only let me keep one. But I can't pick! The hobo is definitely more comfortable on my shoulder, but the saddle has the original lamb color scheme I love. I'm also thinking that the canvas will be easier to keep clean than the leather hobo, but the open top of the saddle makes me nervous (I work in a not-so-great-area).

    Ladies, please help me pick! :crybaby:

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  2. Lipstick Saddle Westfield! :yes:
  3. Yeah? Mind if I ask why you'd go with that one? Gah, I'm SOO indecisive!
  4. I'm with Miss N, Lipstick Saddle Westfield. The Vanilla hobo's cute and all, but I would see myself using the Westfield more.
  5. The Lipstick Saddle - the leather is wonderful on the offbeat but it's WHITE and it's probably going to be tougher to keep clean. The saddle is a classic LAMB sig and colour and it looks like you can carry more in the westfield. It just depends if you want a mostly canvas bag or an all leather one and of course the style. Do you like totes or hobos more?

    Too bad you can't keep both!:P
  6. Westfield, totes are all ways practical and the signature makes it very vesatile.

    I find the Offbeat to be too big, also you chose white and after time it won't look as fresh as it is now.
  7. I would choose the Lipstick Westfield. The offbeat is huge plus it's white so harder to maintain. I just personally prefer the Westfield.
  8. i would go with the westfield as well.. it's easier to maintain and that print is so kick ass!
  9. WESTFIELD!!!!! I have it and i LOVE it!!! $400 is A LOT to spend on a WHITE purse!! I don't know about you, but i would be crazy anal about keeping it clean and i wouldn't get to enjoy it for the awesome purse that is is!! I just think the Lipstick Saddle is beautiful, classy, comfortable, and just plain AWESOME!!! That's what i would say!!
  10. Westfield!

    The saddle print is fantastic, and I think you'll end up using it much more than the white bag.

    Plus, if you really want both, you can always wait for these to show up at the discount stores (Off 5th, NR, etc) at the end of fall.
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    Last edited: Aug 15, 2008
    I absolutely adore my Westfields. I have one in Shadow and LS Saddle like yours. Its a great bag.
  12. You guys are awesome, thanks for all the input! So at first I thought I would go with the Offbeat, since it's more comfortable to wear. Here's my big big question: Do you guys think you'd use the Westfield as a casual bag for like going shopping on the weekend? It just seems a little...stiff to me, and I don't know if it look casual enough to use when I'm not at work? What do you guys think?? :confused1:
  13. I used mine (shadow print) all the time for 3 months straight...I could not get enough of it....I would say that the material softens a little bit with use but not too much...I loved that bag as casual b/c believe it or not it is so St. Thomas is heavier then that bag. It defiantly gives off a "dressier" vibe then my Shadow Westfield but I still think its a great choice.

    But with all that said GO WITH YOUR know what you like more then any of us....but the LS Saddle is a classic...

    O and the Fall is coming!!! Great Fall colors!!!!!
  14. I totally vote Westfield. You'll find the Offbeat at a better price eventually, maybe you can get it than? The saddle print is more durable than some of the others.
    As for the shape of the Westfield, I think it is particurally casual but you could also dress it up if you were wanting something a little more formal. It is rather shapely, but it holds a lot!
  15. Lipstick saddle most definitely!!! ;)