Help me pick between these 2 bags!!!! Please!!

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  1. I ordered the Phoebe on FOS. I don't own any Phoebes and it was a great price!
    But I've been eyeballing this Bleeker since it first came out in FP store...if I use a PCE..I can get it for the same price as the Phoebe! I love both , but can't decide! I do dress more casual ...jeans and tee shirt /blouse girl for the most part! Not sure if Phoebe would be too dressy for my lifestyle ! Though I do love the look of a Chic eye catching bag dressed down with jeans and a tee! Lol! The Bleeker I love because I think you can wear the Birch color all year long and it's definitely more casual! Help me out! Help a girl decide! And No! I can't keep both ! lol... Too much for my budget! :hysteric:

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  2. Bleeker in birch

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  3. Bleecker Embossed! I just got one in powder blue and I LOVE it!! I will post photos of it tonight!!!!
  4. I personally think the teal Phoebe is gorgeous! It could certainly be dressed up or down.
  5. I think the bleeker!!! Which one gives you more butterflies when you see it though :smile:
  6. Might have to wait till I see them side by side IRL to make my final decision ! Should have Phoebe by the end of the week! I'm going to visit my Coach store so I can see the Bleeker in person too! Then I can see which one gives me butterflies! lol thanks
  7. Thank you! Would love to see!
  8. I know ! I can't wait to try her on! I think that's what will help me decide!
  9. I'm a SAHM and I love my Phoebes!!! Great for when I dress up or in sweatpants or yoga pants... Plus, my baby is only a year, so I can still put diapers, some wipes, change pad and snacks in one of the compartments...
  10. U guys are making it hard for me to decide ! Lol... I think I need to see both IRL before I can decide which one is love for me and which one I keep!
  11. I have that Cooper and it is roomy and slouchy and gorgeous. The Phoebe is a pretty color but it's not slouchy with the gathers (and they remind me of worms, lol).
  12. If I get the Cooper...I was thinking about the small version..have u seen a pic of the small one?
  13. I think both colors can be worn year round if you want, and both work for casual dress. I would go with the Phoebe because it's a classic silhouette and the gathered leather makes it something different. I'm not a huge fan of sig, even stamped in leather.
  14. IMO the small is just too small. Medium is perfect on me and I'm petite.

    I'm not a "fan" of siggy either but in this style it is very understated and textural. I revealed this bag a few weeks back.
  15. I say Phoebe!! I agree that Phoebe can look great with jeans and a tee or just a comfy pair of yoga pants while running errands.
    It really depends on your needs, both bags are different in the aspect of organization. I personally find phoebe more comfortable to carry...
    So I'm sure once you can see both and get a idea of which one will work you will know the one to choose. :smile: Good luck!!