Help me pick between Dark Silver or Dark Gold Reissue?!


Which reissue should Evelyn buy?

  1. Dark Silver 226

  2. Dark Gold 225

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  1. Ok, so I'm on the waitlist for Dark silver 226, but a wonderful PFer has found a Dark Gold 225. I can only buy one...any recommendations?

    Which do you think would be easier to wear? :tup:
  2. Oh Evelyn, that's a difficult choice for you to make!
    Let me ask you first: which size do you prefer?
  3. I wish i knew. to be honest, I haven't tried either on. LOL! I'm 5'5 about 110 pounds. All i know is personally for me, the 227 is too large for me, as are jumbo flaps.
  4. is the dark gold from cruise 2006? if it is then i would go with that!
  5. oh geez you would be so lucky to get the dark gold.....I LOVE that color. I wish I could own that bag :nuts:

    But really its a personal preference. It depends on the look that you are going for.
  6. dark silver i think we still can wear it casually, dark gold is little more dressier. get both!! :yahoo:im no help, am i? they totally 2 gorgeous different color. tough decision!!
  7. Which is more versatile then...I"m thinking the dark gold?

    Maybe a better question is, what would you wear with the dark gold/ dark silver reissue. (you ladies are all ultra chic!!!)

    believe me, i was thinking to myself "get both," but my birthday is a little too far away, and my parents are upset with my crazy shopping sprees lately, oh and I just ordered a magenta city, so both is unfortunately...out of the question. :sad:
  8. evychew, is the dark gold from Cruise 2007 or the Pre Fall matte dark gold/bronze reissue?

    if you wear more blacks and greys, go for the DARK SILVER
    if you wear more browns and creams, go for the DARK GOLD
  9. dark gold is probably little more versatile... me, myself go with dark silver because i can wear it more often. i have the dark silver 225 fr last year,
    if you think the dark gold is very2 hard to obtain and this is your only chance, go with the dark gold..:tup: its really personal preference! u cant go wrong with both colors!!! ok!
    speaking or magenta city, i cant wait to see the bag.. im on wait list tooo!!!:yahoo:
  10. GREAT analysis - ITA!! :tup:
  11. EXACTLY!!, I WEAR 70% BLACK..
    cream and brown will blend better with dark gold!

  12. its the dark gold from cruise 2006.
  13. 225 is so small in my opinion. I would go for the 226.
  14. *update*

    I have decided to go with the Dark Gold Reissue 225. I just hope the size won't be an issue, bc this color is gorgeous! Thank you ladies for weighing in on this and giving me suggestions.

    It's funny though b/c most of my clothes are actually black and white, so I guess this bag calls for a wardrobe makeover! :p
  15. Congrats on your decision Evelyn - soooo excited for you!!! The dark gold reissue is TDF!! Don't forget to post pics when you get it! :yahoo:

    P.S. There's a few of us looking for dark gold if you happen to come across another, please let us know! :flowers: