Help me pick an MJ wallet color!


Feb 16, 2006
Hi! I've been lurking for a little while but haven't posted before - but I could use some expert feed back on this. Yellow or Magenta?



I like the yellow alot but it will get dirty easier. Nicer for the summer though.



The magenta will go with almost any color I think. And a little more grown up, refined, etc.

I appreciate any input. Thanks!:biggrin:
ehh.. the magenta looks purple in the 1st pic and reddish brown in the second.. so I'm not sure. Some magenta colours I've seen are very lovely yet others can be a bit sickening.. Would you happen to have a more accurate pic of the magenta?
Wow! That's a pretty clear cut answer from every single person. I'm surprised, I was sincerely torn between the two - I'm really into yellow these days. My best friend just bought a Stella in butter yellow and I think it's very pretty. Thanks for all your input! I love this site.
Thanks for posting more pics:smile: Oh ok, the magenta in this case is quite purple to me. I'll have to go against the majority - I prefer the yellow! To me it's a prettier colour.