Help me pick an lv wallet :)

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  1. Hey everyone!...

    Sooo.. i recently got the galliera pm in monogram (yay!) and i despertely need a new wallet, because the one i was using for a few years ripped (it was a plain leather coach one) ... im dying to start getting accessories for my 2 bags (damier ebene 30 and galliera pm in mono) ... i already have a small keychain/coin purse in the damier.. and now i sort of want a pop of color!

    okk.. so do you guys thinkg i should get the sarah wallet in rose pop (monogram vernis?) is it worth it? i am sooo scared, i beat up my wallets and im not sure if investing in lv wallets are worth it.. (i dont mind for the purses, im starting my collection :smile:) but i really want the wallets and i just want to get some feedback before... how long do you think i can use them for before they rip or tear? im pretty brutal with my wallets =\ ... are my choices
    -->monogram vernis rose pop (sarah wallet)
    -->monogram canvas (sarah wallet ..) .. i love this but there are so many fakes it makes me mad! ... in addition to saving up for a monogram vernis coin/card keychain in rose pop...
    ---> monogram canvas french purse
    ----> or just a plain monogram wristlet (the larger one with the chain) and the engraved plaque with the louis vuitton in cursive sorta on the front) ... so i can use as a wallet AND a clutch/wristlet

    HELP.... im super broke, and i really want to spend the least amount i can, but i dont know what is good.. and if its really worth it ..

    thanks for looking, please leave feedback..

  2. I love vernis wallet and for me they hold up very well. I've had mine for many years and they are still gorgeous. So, Go for vernis...
  3. I would get the vernis rose pop - love the colour and vernis are such pretty wallets. With a little care they really stand the test of time as well.
  4. yeaa.. i really want the vernis, it is my number one pick and i love love pink... im just worried, it if doesnt last me atleast 5 years or so.. its not worth it.. im scared i dont know how easy they rip.. tear.. get dirty, but im superrr obsessed with it =\
  5. I'm having the same dilemma right now, can't decide between the mono & vernis just because of the same reasons, will it last long, is it durable? But I guess I'll get the vernis rose pop sarah at the end because it is soo gorgeous :smile:
  6. honestly, if you want something to last forever, you can't just throw it around and expect it to last forever. there has to be some love & care involved when it comes to a LV wallet.... just get the vernis sarah wallet in rose pop, IF you're going to take good care of it. i understand how you feel about seeing a lot of fake sarah wallets... (my cousin and friend have one... -_-) so i wouldn't feel like getting a sarah wallet since most people have an obvious fake..... (the dead giveaway is the color of the LVs!) however, i would definitely get the mono french purse..... my friend has it and it's absolutely eye-catching! whatever you pick, please take good care of it! can't wait to see what you pick! :]
  7. Need some input here. Help!!! Anyone here, who owns Pochette wallet and Zippy wallet. Which one is better or nicer? Can't decide which one I will buy:sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  8. Mono rose pop sarah! Every time I take mine out of my bag I smile!
  9. I have the Monogram French Purse and I bought it "pre-loved" 3 years ago and it still looks amazing. I cannot say enough great things about this wallet! I absolutely LVoe mine!
  10. Anything in Rose pop. I just got the rose pop ZCP and it is so beautiful.
  11. I carried a vernis wallet for 9 years before I switched. Aside from a little tear by the kiss lock, no problems at all. I find LV wallets are very durable and are a great investment. That said, I would suggest the french purse in rose get the best of both worlds IMO :smile:
  12. YES GET THE VERNIS WALLET!!! i want one one myself, sara too!
  13. Rose pop!
  14. Vernis. It´s such a nice pop of colour. And I think when you once have it you will sure take better care of it as you would with a cheap one. I don´t baby my mono bags but am pretty paranoid when it comes to wearing my pomme Alma. Another option would be the Insolite, Mono outside and Rose Pop inside.
  15. ahhhh!! lol, thanks for all the comments.. wow, 9 years for a wallet is definately worth it esp for lv, but for everyday use, i am horrified.. but i think everyone is right, once i have it, i will take care of it more....

    hmm, decisions... ill get back to you guys on what i decide!! :smile: