Help me pick an LV agenda!

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  1. I posted a thread before asking if a Zippy Coin Purse can be used as a daily wallet..
    (since I only have 2 cards (uni ID and license) and bills and coins.)
    But I got a gift from a close friend (Coach Mini Skinny,which is a coin purse) this is my coin purse.

    Anyways I was on the agenda club and I think the idea of using an agenda doubled as a wallet is practical for me ( for my stuff and the price too lol).

    So what do you think? The small ring agenda is my pick in either:

    1) Damier Azur (would it get dirty with my bag belongings?)
    2) Pomme Vernis ( would it peel or stain with my bag belongings?)
    3) Mono (most practical of all?)

  2. I would go with the Pomme.

    I have a Mono Agenda and am getting a little bored with it. I wish I had gotten a Vernis one.
  3. I have the multicolour black agenda! I like it but would love the Vernis Amarante! I guess two agenda's is a little excessive! :graucho:
  4. I like Pomme or Amarante for that little punch of color! If you can still get a mono one in Koala with the pink or Mandarin interior - they are gorgeous!
  5. I'd go with Pomme out of the three, but I have Mono Partenaire which I :heart: so much.
  6. hmm if it was me, i would get a classic mono...but that's so....PREDICTABLE! :P
  7. i have the pomme and its still gorgeous after over a year of having it. :biggrin:
  8. I would go for an Azur or Pomme.
  9. I love to change out my agendas. My pomme is still gorgeous after a year of using it, and I just changed last night back to my lavender vernis. I need different agenda colors for different moods and seasons... not excessive... just obsessive...
  10. pomme!!! i loveeeee love love vernis accessories!
  11. I have the azur agenda and it's soooo cute! It doesn't get dirty and when it does, I just wipe it down. It's held up really well.
  12. I have 2 agendas that I use as my wallets and I switch them out depending on bags that I use. I have a white MC and a mono trunks and bags agenda.

    Take a look at the trunks and bags agenda it's mono with a little something extra and it a limited edition piece.:smile:
  13. pomme! :drool:
  14. POMME:yes:
  15. I have the black MC ~ I like that smaller print on those pieces. The price is a little steep, however. :wtf: