Help me pick an interim bag please :)

  1. I really want to get one of these as a break from saving up for a better purse :smile: Both are from LeSportsac. The first is $88, the second, $120. Thanks!
  2. They're both adorable! I like the second one a little better, I'm a sucker for polka dot prints.
  3. I'm not so sure of the floral motif on the 1st, it looks a little dated, the polka dots on the second is definitely more timeless and I would go with the latter..:yes:
  4. I hear polka dots are in!
  5. I love the 2nd one. It's so cute, but I'm partial to polka dots :love:
  6. Yay. Me, too. That was my first choice, but my bf liked the one w/ the flowers and it IS cheaper so I thought i'd ask you girls.
  7. Both are gorgeously beautiful... but my vote goes for the 2nd=)
  8. I vote for the second too! (hehe sometimes I ignore the DH's opinions unless it correlates with mine) LOL
  9. definitely the polka dots. its cute!
  10. I really like the first one, it reminds me a bit of Chanel. My husband wouldn't believe me if I told him that for ones I picked the cheaper options :lol:
  11. I prefer the 2nd one--there's something about polka dots lol.
  12. 2nd one for me too
  13. When these hit our shores, I was like like :love: but my purse ban stopped me from buying any of those!!

    I like the second one better! :yes:
  14. The second bag! It's really cute!!! :heart:
  15. I like the first one!