help me pick an everyday, casual bag

  1. Hi,

    It's so nice to find this forum.

    My husband bought a cabas piano for me as a present. I am looking for an everyday bag. Already have mini looping and Papillon 26, but found they are too small now. (BTW, I am interested in selling the papillon 26, excellent condition, only used maybe 5 times). But now I am a little bit unsure about the piano. I still like how it looks but also feel a little bit less exicted as it is a style that has been around for long. What other choices are there? I like an everyday bag that goes with a lot of things. BH is jsut too huge. I liek Popincourt when I first saw it, but somehow it doesn't look right on me. What other choices are there? I am thinking maybe black epi speedy or damier bucket... Love to hear suggestions.

    Thanks so much,
  2. I'm a fan of the Croisette. Maybe cause I want one bad but never got it =(
  3. I vote for the Monogram Croissant MM! I am coveting it right now! Or the GM if you like a huge bag.
  4. i love the speedy 30 as my daily bag i can put almost everything there bottled water, scarf etc... and it looks very classy and simple at the same time :smile: sometimes i tie an LV perfo bandeau or hermes twilly on my speedy depending on my mood ... i love it
  5. Maybe the small Batignolles? Or Viva Cité, there are 3 different sizes to choose from :nuts: This is the GM: [​IMG]
    Or the Cité GM?
    Something from the Damier line?
    Or sell the Papillon 26 and get the 30 :amuse:
  6. I would suggest the regular Batignolles. I love my BH, but since you think that's too big, you might like the smaller one. These Batignolles are just so convenient and easy to get in and out of for an everyday bag.:love:
  7. How about the Popincout Haut? Handheld/shoulder casual/dressy - works for everything
  8. Have you tried the Popincourt Haut or Batignolles Vertical?
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions. Mostlikely I will keep my piano. Still like it a lot. Though if BH is a little bit smaller, that would be perfect.
    I like PH a lot last year. Thought it look much more fun that piano. Even suggested it to my sister and friend. Somehow this year, when I went to the store to try on the bags, it does not look quite right on me, while piano looks much nicer. I think I will keep it and find another fun bag for the summer. Thanks so much for all the suggestions. I just found this forum a couple of days back, so fun to read everyone's posts. :idea:
  10. I really like the Popincourt Haut for an everyday wear. Sometimes I use the Chelsea as a diaper bag or a working bag.
  11. i would also recommend the popincourt haut but you should really go to the store to check out what is best for you
  12. I love the Croissant but the Croissant GM has been discontinued and is no longer available in the USA.
  13. I picked the denim Baggy GM as my everyday bag, its roomy and suits my lifestyle. If I was still in the corporate world I'd go with either the Damier Belem or the Epi Noe
  14. JMO but I think a Cabas Piano is a great everyday bag - I love that bag! It looks so casual on your shoulder - the fact that it has been around a long time only adds to its classic status -
  15. Piano Is A Fabulous Bag, I'm Glad You're Thinking About Keeping It!