help me pick an agenda!

  1. I had the monogram poket Agenda but I only used it as a checkbook. I recently used it in a trade for something else. I will probably buy another checkbook but this time it will be Damier. With that said, I never used the Pocket Agenda as an Agenda. It's too small for my Agenda needs.

    Good luck with your decision. :smile:
  2. i've had the mono pocket agenda for a yr and i love it! it's not too big or chunky like i find the larger ones. i don't like clutter so it's the perfect size for me. i keep a few credit cards in it. i use the lv calendar and address book. i also only write in chocolate ink in it matches!
  3. Definitely small ring agenda. I think it will be much more useful. I just bought a yellow mono groom small ring agenda.
  4. i like damier pocket agenda...
  5. I'd go with the small ring agenda :yes:
  6. Mono small ring
  7. My vote is for the small ring agenda. It doesn't take up alot of space in my bag but at the same time it holds alot stuff. :smile: