Help me pick a wristlet

  1. they are all great can't pick
    please help

    1-Hamptons Vintage leather in Bordeaux

    2- Legacy wristlet in Clay


    3- Legacy embossed suede wristlet in Slate
  2. Ooo this is tough! I'm in love with both the Hamptons Vintage Leather (and where did you find the pic??) and the legacy embossed. I'd go for the Hamptons. The red is a classic color and will go with everything. It's such a beautifully detailed bag, and the leather will hold up better than suede.
  3. I'm in :heart: with the Legacy wristlet or the bordeaux.
  4. 3rd! That's gorgeous.

    Second choice is 1.
  5. the pictures or at
  6. Ohhh the clay legacy is my favorite out of the three.
  7. get them all!!!!! well if i could only have one, it would be the Hamptons Vintage leather in Bordeaux. i want that one badly, just have not ordered it yet. you cannot go wrong with any of theses though. Good luck.
  8. No Wonder you can't choose-they are all TDF!! OK-If you are only going to take one, take #1. It is so stylish and the color is gorgeous!! :yes:
  9. oh man i just died. those are all wonderful! i say get the 3rd one.
  10. i searched for it the other day and couldn't find it. Could you post the link?
  11. Oh thank you! *adds to wish list*
  12. Oooh. This is too hard. Get 'em all. :shrugs:
  13. I want to get them all but before PCE the 3 without tax come out to $494, and for that price I would rather get another bag.
  14. id go with either the hamptons vintage leather or the embossed suede. the legacy wristlet is kinda boring compared to the other 2!