Help Me Pick a wristlet for an 11 year

  1. Hi ladies, I need help picking a wristlet for my 11 year old cousin.

    At first we were going to get her this, but then all the adults involved started to question if maybe WE just liked the chocolate color for ourselves. She is however getting chocolate Uggs from her mom:

    Then I saw this and I think it is more teeny bopper esque:

    anyone have middle school kids? what's the in thing? LOL. I love the chocolate, but don't know if it's too mature.
  2. my neighbor gets her 13yo dd wristlets at the outlet--lots of pastels. the lurex is cute and age approp. too!
  3. the Lurex is age appropriate, I think. BUT, if it were me when I was 11, I was super matchy matchy(still am), and would have loved the chocolate wristlet to match my Uggs!

    I totally wasnt much help:shame:
  4. Oh, FYI: I bought my 12 y/o(then 11) niece a black coach top handle pouch for Xmas last year, she totally loved it. I dont think the darker colors are too mature!
  5. My 11 yr old niece is requesting things in baby blue colors... just a very 'in' color with them!
  6. This is the one I am giving my 13 year old niece for Christmas. The SA said that the gold trim is really popular among the young ladies because it adds a little bit of bling without being over the top.
  7. lurex!!!
  8. I would totally go with the bronze colored k2sealer mentioned or the bright pink one-for some reason the dark brown one looks a bit mature to me. But I bet she will like anything you pick! Good luck.
  9. I think is better the pink one for her. Just because the brown will look like is from her mom.
  10. Def the Lurex- Girls love the shiny stuff and if she likes/loves pink like most girls do right now she'll adore it.
  11. My DD, who is 13 in 8th grade, would die if I got her the pink wristlet. The pink is such a fun colour.
  12. go with the pink one...its cuter...
  13. Have you seen the new Chelsea Turnlock Wristlet in Chocolate Sig? GORGEOUS! I say get that! It turns into a lil handbag, the best wristlet! I've seen the chocolate sig ones at like Macys and Nordies!
  14. My 13 year old would love the pink!!!
  15. I can tell you that the girls are totally in love with the bright pink lurex. I bought one for my niece for Christmas (14 years old). She had seen it when we had gone shopping together and fell in love with it. I also teach high school and these bright pink wristlets are VERY popular with the girls. They love this colour, from past season stuff to this lurex. I think the pink is very age appropriate. As for myself, I love the chocolate and would totally buy this for myself but for an 11 year old, I think the pink would be more of a hit. Also, it would be a FABULOUS contrast with her chocolate brown Uggs. Brown and pink look so great together! Good luck and let us know what you choose!