help me pick a work bag

  1. :smile:Hi All,

    Yet another question from moi... I need help selecting a good bag for work. I can even write it off on my taxes of course!!:tup:

    What do you think about an edith for work or the Chloe denim logo tote? I found a denim logo on BG for $540. The SA said measurements are 14L by 10H. I don't have to carry a lot to work, just some papers, money, ID badge, magazine or two and some assorted medicines. I think the denim is cute, but maybe edith is more classic? Not sure of dimensions for edith though!!

    I do want to maintain slightly low profile on the bag though, so as not to draw to much scrutiny from others. Where I live, most people don't know brand names of Chloe league....

    Any other suggestions, or comments on these 2? Price really doesn't matter too much, but probably not much over $2500.

    Thanks for any opinions!!
  2. I use my Ediths for work, for play, for shopping, for everything.

    I love the fact that I can fit soooo much into that bag. There is nothing worse than someone going to work, carrying a bunch of bitty little bags and items.

    I bought a loaf of bread once, put it in my Edith, and nobody even guessed my purse was a 'grocery bag', while I continued to shop...
  3. First of all I would not pay $540 for a denim bag even if its Chloe (just not worth it), 2nd it might not last as long as a leather bag. 3rd of all I think the Edith is the most amazing bag specially for work (specially becuase of its shape), and it is quite low profile unless someone comes close and reads that its a chloe, otherwise for the untrained eyes its just a beautiful bag.

    They are being sold for about $510 at many NM last call stores....just look under the deals and steals link or under chloe shopping.
  4. The larger Edith, or the Tracy bag. The Tracy is a stunning bag and it's a perfect work tote.:heart:
  5. The denim tote has an open top. I don't know if that's an issue for you, but when I was working in NYC, I was pickpocketed twice with an open tote.
  6. I love the edith as a work bag. I use my teal and whiskey ediths in lieu of my briefcase and adore them. I think it is a classic design that is very low key and not too flashy.
  7. Hmmm...good thoughts. Didn't think about the denim note being very durable. Definitely true. Truthfully I think I was temporarily drawn in by those cute little pocket zippers on the front. NOT a good enough reason to by the bag!!:p

    I never even considered the tracy...might have to tracy or edith. I also saw a cute medium size heloise shopper that might work.

  8. mm I agree, I just got my edith for work use.
  9. A designer bag with tax benefits??????? :nuts: It that legal?? If so, where? I wanna move there! :yahoo: