help me pick a white bag

  1. ok, i really want to get a white or bone colored bag. price range $100-$400. any good suggestions?
  2. Andrea Brueckner's Saddle Bag. Available in Small ($325)/Medium($425)/Large($525). Online retailers often offer 30% off.,104.html
    Resolveclothing is offering 30% off, however, white is sold out.
    (source of attachment: jcmadison, formerly shoppingallure)

    Coach's Hamptons Leather Carryall ($348) would be a good choice for work. I only saw Hamptons Leather Business Tote in Black ($398) in person so I'm not sure if White Carryall (looks taller) is as nice.
    For reference, info on Hamptons Leather Business Tote in Black ($398)

    Coach's Hamptons Leather Satchet ($328) looks nice on the website.
    (attached image: from
  3. I've been on the look-out for a white bag as well this season and am hesistant to drop a grand on a bag that I'll have to baby, is likely to get dirty soon, or won't seen the light of the day very often. So I'm keying in on the mid-range priced white bags....and thus far here's one I've found & am thinking about buying (it looks nicer in person and the leather is soft):

    Marc by Marc Jacobs - $358 at Bergdorf Goodman

  4. Banana Republic's bag collection is quite nice this season. Their White hobos, totes, shoulder bags run from $100-$200USD.
    Be sure to use any available promotional codes (20% for BR, 30% for Andrea Brueckner's, 20% for Coach)....
  5. I highly recommend this bag too, it's roomy and nice. -) I personally think this is the best looking bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs this season. It's also available at It's a big harder to find (sold out at most Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Saks, elux).

  6. do you have have the actual promotional codes ?
  7. I would love to know the code for coach if you have it.
  8. Some suggestions you might wish to consider:
    Tignanello Nantucket multi-zip shoulder hobo - $134-99
    Tignanello Catalina double zip pocket satchel - $94-99
    Tignanello Newport small tote - $74-99
    Tignanello Catalina short shoulder hobo - $104-99
    Luce metallic leather drawstring tote - $100
    Francesco Biasia My Valentine Shoulder tote - $335
    Dutchy Nana Doc medium shoulder bag - $290
    Carla Mancini CM 280 - $329

    Question for the purse fashionistas on here: why isn't Carla Mancini bags mentioned more often? What's the quality of her bags like? Thanks in advance for answering this.

  9. i like this one so much!!!!:love: :love:
  10. I love the Banana Republic white hobo! It is fabulous!!!! And such a great price too!!!
  11. I love my Elliot Lucca Drawstring tote...
    it was 238
  12. I really like the coach soho leather zip satchel. I'm going to go this weekend to check it out in person & hopefully buy it if I like it. It's only $358.00. [​IMG]
  13. I like the Coach one i got a few weeks ago!
  14. I like that one too. I was torn between the 2 b/c I love that it has the 2 front pockets. Is the bag easy to keep clean. Its going to be my first coach leather bag. I only have signature optic or patchwork pieces.
  15. I found this bag on Bloomingdale's website.
    Donald J. Pliner quilted leather hobo - $320