Help Me Pick a Wedding Dress!

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  1. my SO and i are planning to marry/elope this winter. we're just doing a civil ceremony in a courthouse, and we're undecided if we'll have receptions in the future for family and friends. i'm undecided on what kind of dress i should go with- short or long. i feel like a long dress is unnecessary and will look silly for a courthouse wedding, and since we're not marrying in the states, i need something that will also be easy to travel with. and of course, i don't want to spend a lot of money on a dress that will never be worn again, and i'm a college student so the wedding budget is not big.

    my first thoughts are to either go with:

    1) a short dress (maybe an ivory cocktail dress with beading or some type of embellishment)

    2) a long wedding dress from jcrew (for $500 plus whatever is needed in alterations)

    any opinions on long vs short? or any suggestions for particular dresses?
  2. Yes I think short would be more appropriate. But it's your wedding day, grandiose or not you should wear what makes you feel the most beautiful in. Congrats on the upcoming nuptials!
  3. Go for a short dress! I think a long dress wouldn't be appropriate. Then you can go to dinner some some close family and friends and feel comfortable!
  4. I don't really think that a long dress is "inappropriate" or "silly" for a courthouse wedding. It's more about personal style. If you prefer a long dress, wear it. Otherwise, pick a short dress.
  5. thanks for the opinions ladies.

    i do feel more comfortable in a short dress (i guess since that's what i'm most used to). i just wasn't sure if people basically think a wedding dress should always be the long, traditional kind.
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    Have you checked out dresses at

    You could wear any of them again and just focus on accessorizing :smile:

    edit: they give you a "catwalk option" so that you can see the garment worn by a model walking down a runway. If I were on a student budget I would look into ordering a bunch of these to find one that would work and then focus on heels and jewelry that I could wear again or even sell afterwards.

    Think louboutins and a beautiful wedding belt :tup:
  7. ^thank you for the suggestion. i've looked at asos in the past for other items, but i didn't even think to look there for this! thanks!

    now i'm trying to decide if i should wear a veil or not...i was thinking to try to make my own since i read it's not too hard to make just a simple veil.
  8. Since you're wearing a short dress I would say that if you're going for a veil go for one of those cute short ones. Depending on how you want to wear your hair, if you opt away from the veil I think that a rhinestone wraparound headband can look great.
  9. Maybe go to bridal stores to see if they have rhinestone headbands and waist belts that complement each other so you can play with different looks. Accessorizing is key!! :smile:
  10. Short dress - look on Etsy for some unique inexpensive styles (mine was less than $200, custom made to fit me, and received tons of compliments by strangers!).
  11. littlemsperfect- thanks for the advice. i'd definitely go with a short veil- i thought about a birdcage veil, but i'm not too keen on how they look from the side.

    sailornep- i looked on etsy very briefly, but it was too overwhelming with the lack of search filters. do you have the seller's name though?
  12. I had a birdcage veil in mind ;) I like how they look wine a lip in the dark red family (with blue undertones=whiter looking teeth=always a plus).

    There was an episode of Say Yes to the Dress where a beautiful woman wore a birdcage veil, red lips, and 40s-esque waves in her hair and she killed it!! I googled it a bunch and can't find it for you :sad:
  13. I always wanted a short dress for an elopement but didn't get it... So i say short!!!
  14. i love the way they look in front. maybe i need to try some on before i really make up my mind :P
  15. My sister had a short pink dress and a shorter white veil and it was adorable!

    We're having a formal hotel wedding in Chicago, so my fiance really wants me to wear a long gown. I actually think it's sweet that he has always had an idea in his head what our wedding day would be like, so I found a long gown that I now absolutely love :smile:

    I bought my gown from Nicole Miller Bridal in Chicago. If you go HERE and click on "bridal collections", my gown is the Taryn Lace gown or D10014. It's still a gown, but it's not overly fussy or anything.