Help me pick a wedding band!

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  1. For our first anniversary my husband replaced my 1ct black diamond with a 2.3 ct radiant cut moissanite and a more simple band to switch off with. I’m not sure between these two bands though. The photos are the two bands and my e-ring for reference!

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  2. Hi Clifmar,

    Congratulations on your new ring. It is beautiful! Also, I really like your manicure.

    While I normally think the more diamonds the better, I actually like the band without diamonds (first photo) better than the band with diamonds (third photo). I like the simplicity of it.
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  3. Thank you!! I’m leaning towards the plain one also. I have an appointment to go try on some other ones but the plain one feels more modern and sleek and like you said simple, which I’m really drawn to.
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