Help me pick a watch!

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Which watch should I get?

  1. Raymond Weil Parsifal

  2. Omega Mini Constellation

  3. Tag Heuer Link

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  1. Help me pick a watch! Also let me know if you have had any experiences with these watches. In no particular order ...

    #1 - Raymond Weil Parsifal


    #2 - Omega Mini Constellation


    #3 - Tag Heuer - Diamond Link

  2. 1 or 3
  3. No. 3 is the cutest!
  4. I like the Link better i work with watches and that on is better looking .... SO it would be in this order Link, Omega, then Raymond. Good Luck by the way you have beautiful taste...
  5. I have a larger Constellation and though I like it, I don't really LOVE it. :rolleyes:

    So, I pick the Link, I don't really like the bezel nor the bracelet on the Raymond Weil one.
  6. The TAG. I've worn them since I was 17. The downside is always deal with a TAG authorized dealer or TAG themselves as even a simple battery change is pricey;however, it gets done correctly and pressure sealed perfectly. It is a classic watch with stellar history. #3 all the way:smile:!!:tup:
  7. I like the RW one the most!:love:
  8. They are all not my style but I would say the 3rd one is the best.
  9. Thanks for those details!
  10. go with the parsifal or the omega - tags are problematic (dh is a jeweler)
  11. TAG or RW. I have had my tag for over 6 years, still going strong!
  12. omega constellation....i got mine for 8-10yrs yrs...its a timeless classic:smile:
  13. I have the first watch without the diamonds. It is so elegant on. I love it! I have always wanted a Tag watch. That is gorgeous!
  14. 3!!!