Help me pick a watch for DH please...

  1. ...for Christmas. I have narrowed it down to these two Tags. It will be an everyday watch for him. I like the Link one, but is it too 'Tag-ish', if you know what I mean??? The other one doesn't scream TAG as much (which I like), but is it as nice? I don't know what to do. What do you think?
  2. I like the black face.
  3. black face
  4. [​IMG]

    this is teh one we bought DH recently. Dh usually likes a blue face and he chose this, so I choose black too! :biggrin:
  5. Black face.
  6. I like the link's face although I have never been a fan of the link bracelets, but I like it better than the other one. I like the Carrera that Swanky posted the best though :p
  7. I bought DH a Tag for X-mas too!!!!

    (I like the second one better-it is pretty "linky" but I think the face is better looking.)
  8. Black face gets my vote too.
  9. Ahh I like them both!! Although I think I prefer the black face.
  10. I like the black face. Sleeker looking. My boyfriend bought the Carrera a couples months ago with the metal wristband and leather wristband so he can dress it up or down! Definitly can't go wrong with a TAG :smile:
  11. my dh has the black carrera and a most unusual Link with a gunmetal/anthracitey/dark grey face. really elegant looking. usually wears this one to work or for dressed-up occassions and the Carrera for a sporty look.
  12. i like that swanky!

    Thanks everyone. I'm going to look into the carrera too. Otherwise the black face it is!:yahoo:
  13. Black face, of the two you posted.

    WOW Swanky that watch is amazing...
  14. It looks so nice on too:yes:
    Other guys actually stop and ask him about it sometimes! LOL!
  15. LOL! It looks quite manly! Love it!