Help me pick a wallet........Please

  1. Which wallet would you choose? I currently have an agenda in pomme so I was wondering if it would clash if I got a wallet in a different vernis color. I'm trying to decide between a mono french wallet, pomme zippy wallet or framboise zippy wallet. They are all beautiful. I want a wallet that will last a long time and that doesn't clash with my current bags.

    Would it look tacky if I have an agenda in pomme and a wallet in framboise?

    The zippy wallet seems more practical but the french wallet is so cute........

    I currently have 3 mono bags, 1 damier and 1 toledo blue epi. Help me decide......... Thanks.
  2. do you like compact wallet (compact zipped, koala) or long wallet? May be something in MC? I just bought a Damier Brazza recently and it's my dream wallet come true-12 cc space, zipped coin compartment, and 5 long compartments, but it's in Damier only so far.
  3. Hmmm....I'd go for the mono french purse, even though I LOVE the zippy. The French purse seems more compact and I think it will go with everything. Plus, it's the monogram that a lot of people seem to think highly of (as in, they last forever). I vote for that!
  4. I would go with monogram for a wallet that will last forever! I love my new zippy! If you do go with vernis, I know for me it would drive me nuts to have pomme and framboise at the same time - I would go with the pomme.
  5. My two favorite colors are pink and red, so you're asking the wrong girl.:cutesy: I say get the framboise! Absolutely 100%! Pomme and Framboise are gorgeous together!
  6. Mix and match!
  7. Zippy wallet all the way! I love my french purse it just didn't last as long.
  8. i actually do have a pomme agenda and a wallet in framboise... mine's a koala but the colors look so fun together! gooooo for it!
  9. Oh really. Would you post a pic of them together.

    Thanks everyone. This is really helping. I plan to make my purchase within the next few weeks.
  10. I like framboise, but I think most people like pomme
  11. Thanks everyone. Please more opinions.....
  12. I just got the mono zippy and I love it. I think I would get a mono one instead of the vernis, I think it would last forever and not get dirty. It seems like you handle a wallet alot and I was afraid the vernis would show wear and dirt over time. It would be cute to have a mono wallet and a vernis agenda. I personally wouldn't want 2 vernis items.
  13. but if you decide to get the vernis..I would get the framboise zippy. So cute. I'm going to be getting the framboise agenda soon
  14. I like the french purse~ Is so cute!
  15. i want the mono zippy wallet!