Help Me Pick a Wallet for this Bag - Poll!


Which wallet goes best with the Willow Floral Grey Birch Nomad?

  1. The Hologram Mercer Accordion Zip Wallet

    4 vote(s)
  2. The Embossed Exotic (Drifter) Grey Birch Wallet

    19 vote(s)
  3. Neither, get a different wallet!

    4 vote(s)
  4. Forget this nonsense and use any wallet!

    3 vote(s)
  5. They are both great wallets, keep them both!

    3 vote(s)
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    I'm one of those nerds that likes my wallets to compliment my bag - they don't have to match but they should "go together". I have lots and lots of wallets and I really don't need any more of them.

    Recently I revealed a Willow Floral Grey Birch Nomad 55543 that I found at the outlet at a great price. At the same time I bought a Mercer Hologram Accordion Zip Wallet 55802 for $103, but I am not sure about the wallet. I don't care for the coarse texture and not sure that it is a good mate for my Nomad.

    I stopped at the outlet again on Thursday and they had loads of FP delete wallets - it was heaven for a wallet-lover like me! I didn't have my new Nomad with me but I bought a wallet that I thought would be a better match, but now I am not sure about that one either. I got the embossed Exotic Accordion Zip wallet 56283 for $94 (I think it is from the Drifter line) and it is also grey birch color. I'm not crazy about the texture of this wallet either.

    I never knew that I was such a "texture freak" but apparently I am. Or perhaps I should stop this nonsense and just use one of my many other wallets! But none of my other wallets has gunmetal hardware like the bag and these 2 new wallets have dark nickel hardware.

    If I decide to keep just one wallet, it should probably be the most versatile option so that I can use it with other bags in the future. But that is also difficult to decide, the exotic wallet is a neutral color and will probably go well with many bags and the hologram mercer contains many colors and it will likely go well with lots of choices, too.

    The bag is lined with black leather with grey birch trim. Should I return them both? Keep them both? Or keep just one of them?!

    Below are pics of my new Nomad with the 2 wallets, let me know which you feel compliments the bag the best. I have set up a poll (see above) but you may not be able to see the poll if you are viewing this on a phone or tablet.

    Thanks in advance for your advice!
    Nomad_GreyBirch_WillowFloral_008.jpg Nomad_GreyBirch_WillowFloral_ExoticWallet.jpg
  2. The zip around wallet goes with the bag much better, BUT I don't think you should keep it either. If you don't like the texture then you won't use it.....and I'm speaking from experience here. I bought 2 wallets because I loved the colors, but never used them because of the texture....this was before the shortened return time so I was able to return both of them. So, you aren't the only one who has a thing about texture.
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  3. I agree. The top one is more interesting to me, but the bottom one matches the bag better. I think either one would be good, but like Suzanne B said,if you don't like the texture you're never going to love it and you should return both. It's a wallet so you will be feeling the texture a lot. Lol. Maybe use one of the wallets you already have or wait for some new ones to come out. They're always coming out with new ones.
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  4. I like the hologram one as it reminds me of the iridescent colors you see in the butterfly's wings or dragonflies. To me it matches the whimsical flower/butterfly theme you have going with the bag.

    On the other hand, if you don't like the texture, it's always going to bother you so that might not work.
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  5. I say return both and get something really bright and, yellow, blue??
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  6. I like the zip around wallet over the hologram wallet myself, but I am learning that if I don't want to use a new purchase right away, it's not for me. My hesitation is a sign to me that it's not love as I tend to use mostly everything I own. I only say this because I have two or three items, not many, not being used. I didn't really love the item once I brought it home. Why I liked it at the time of purchase, but not at home, I'm not sure. I'd rather go back to an old favourite. Or wait for "the one."
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  7. I'm in the minority... I never like the idea of buying more wallets whenever I get a new bag. I just use whatever wallet I have in my collection. Most people won't pay attention to/notice my wallet anyway since I'll only have it out for a minute or less. That's just me though. Since you already have a bunch of wallets already, I would just use those instead. But it's up to you. Good luck with your decision!
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  8. I used to change wallets. Not as often as I changed bags, but I tried to coordinate my bags with the wallet I was using. Then about 3 years ago I got a neutral colored (metallic dark silver saffiano) wallet and I didn't change for 2 1/2 years until I got the hologram soft wallet around Christmas. I still have 4 or so wallets I haven't used in ages but they are so pretty I'm not ready to part with them.

    Katev, I agree that you shouldn't keep either since you aren't in love with them. If either wallet thrilled you, you wouldn't need to ask for opinions.
  9. Ditto!
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  10. If you keep one of these would go for the bottom one. Do you have a burgundy or deep red in your collection? I would try red with this bag.
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    I do have a red coach wallet but it is patent leather, and I do have a deep plum marc Jacobs wallet, but it has a lot of shiny gold hardware. I don't think that either is a good fit for this bag.
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    Thanks! I am seeing sense in the idea that if I have doubts about these wallets I probably don't need either, and I do have lots of other choices (and you don't really need to match your wallet to your bag - although I like to do that!)

    I am not planning to use the grey birch willow floral nomad until Easter, and in the old days I would have kept both wallets for awhile to give myself time to pick one (or find another!) - but with the current short return policy, I will make the decision to return/keep soon.
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  13. Can you do a pic with the Marc Jacobs one? The hardware wouldn't be a deal killer (for me) since you aren't matchy-matchy on this anyway was actually thinking red patent. I have the red patent poppy from long ago and that's exactly what I was thinking. I had it stored in a drawer and something black rubbed off on it. It never color transferred when I was using it. But stored in a drawer? Go figure !
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  14. Definitely like the grey birch best. However, if you are not excited/happy with either, return both. One of my friends LOVES wallets - I rarely get new ones. I have a hard time switching wallets - always seem to forget transferring something! Plus, the price of wallets is so high...might as well apply $ to a handbag :smile:
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  15. Good idea, I will also look at my other wallets and see what's available and try and take some pics, thanks!