Help me pick a wallet color!!!

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Which color epi wallet?? HELP!!!

  1. Myrtille (blue)

  2. Red

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  1. Ok, ladies & gentlemen LV experts! I need some input on which wallet to go for... I've decided that I want the Pochette Porte Monnaie. It's sorta like the PTI, just doesn't open up into three "sections." Anyways, here's the dilemma--red or myrtille (blue) epi?!

    I don't need to "match" perfectly with the bags I own, but here's a little list of the colors I have:

    1) Black
    2) Red
    3) Chocolate brown
    4) Mustardy yellow
    5) Cerises mono pattern
    6) Chocolate Guccissima pattern which has reddish undertones
    7) Myrtille (blue).

    Thanks in advance for your help! Please vote!
  2. I like Myrtille.
  3. I like red..easy to find inside the bag
  4. Red matches evrything in your list.
    Myrtille is a gorgeous color & soon there won't be any left, so it's a great piece to own.
  5. I think red would be a good choice.:yes:
  6. Red : )
  7. Agree 100%!!!
  8. I think that red will go with all of the above more then the blue.
  9. They're both great but I think you may want to really get the RED one. It will go with everything that you have. You're right, the Chocolate Guccissima leather has red understones and that's why I love it so much.

    Good luck and post pics.
  10. Red..its a hot color
  11. I voted for blue, only because its such a beautiful blue color. But im in the minority here.
  12. I like red BUT red andd black is always available so iff you want to be more distinct, then go w the blue one... both are really nice color. i just got that wallet in a diff material and cant wait to use it.
  13. red is HOTT and will match with almost everything!!
  14. Honestly, IMO, either one will match..but I picked the red. It's a great color!
  15. Exactly what I was going to say!