Help me pick a tote!

  1. What are your opinions on the following (Large size in brown/tan GG canvas):

    1) Jolicouer
    2) Abbey
    3) Princy
    4) Britt

    I'm sure the first 2 won't ever go on sale but what about the Princy and Britt totes? I thought I read somewhere that someone snagged a Princy tote during the December sale? Thanks so much!
  2. Britt and Joli Couers are my all time FAVE Gucci totes.
  3. I have 2 of the purses in question:


    and then 2 weeks later....I was back at GUCCI and bought:

    Black Abbey

    - these purses are very different. The Abbey is definitely has more room than the Princy. the princy has a zipper closure where they Abbey is open with a snap closure.....Both purses rock! Good luck with your decision.
  4. Those are great bags! However, I'm looking at the totes only.
  5. The large princy is REALLY large!! And so is the large Britt.

    Ive never favored the Abby's shaped.

    And what does the Jolicouer look like????
    NMV8384_mn.jpg NMV9776_mn.jpg
  6. I like the britt.
  7. The jolicouer tote.
  8. The princy, britt, and abbey (sorry, if I am not posting pics correctly!).
    princy.jpg britt.jpg abbey.jpg
  9. ^^The first one is a princy, but those are not Britts and Abbey. I do like the last two. The 3rd one is a classic style. And I really like the 2nd one, with the GG in the corner---Its classic, but has a twist! :yes:

    Oh, I have that bag. haha Ive always called it the "charm tote".
  10. I got the pics from those are the totes from Britt and Abbey lines. Well... at least they are supposed to be?? :p
  11. YOU are correct,The second bag IS the BRITT tote.I own it!!Bought it from this years cruise line when I was iN Paris France last month..ITS TDF!!!!!
  12. Eh, Saks always seems to have it wrong. I like GG on the corner, that a nice touch to the basic tote. The abby is too plain. The Jolicuer is a really good basic tote too. I was attracted to it because I wanted something with the green/red webbing, and the little charms is a nice touch that doesnt make it look so plain. But I vote for the Britt. :p
  13. Thanks for the feedback so far... I'll probably decide by end of week and post pics of the "winner"! I'm going to have to try these on IRL.:wlae:
  14. i know you said tote but i love this one.. :nuts: so sorry to confuse you even more..:p
  15. I like this one