Help Me Pick A Title For My New Book

  1. Okay, I know this is an odd topic, but I'm putting together a new book and am wondering if any of these titles seem appealing to you as readers (it's poetry). I've tried to select phrases that have relevance to the content, so could you tell me if anything in particular catches your fancy or is awful in the extreme? Thanks in advance!

    Possible Titles:

    Truth And Moisture

    Pebbled World

    Barn Rolling Downhill

    The Things We Do For Love

    Place Where The Unnoticed Go

    In That Time Before The Dissolution

    Mapping History

    Rough Mappings Of History

    Pin Driven Into Bone

    Burning Time
  2. The one that catches my eye is "The Things We Do For Love". If I saw that title, I would be compelled to pick it up and see what it's about. Good luck!
  3. Place where the unnoticed go - please don't ask me why. :biggrin:
  4. Thanks so far--here's a few more to ponder (as if you all have nothing else to do today, right?)--

    Taking The Old Route Home

    You Too Will Live Like This
  5. What type of poetry do you write, susan-eric?
  6. I like a lot of them -- must think more about it.
  7. I like these .... u should share one to let us get a better idea of how you write
  8. I also vote for Places Where The Unnoticed Go.
  9. I like Pebbled World. The pebbles in our life can represent so many things, smooth pebbles equals smooth times, rough equals rough times etc etc. Just a thought!!! Good luck it is amazing to be able to write a book. Well done you!
  10. I like those but for the love of all things fluffy and pink, stay away from "The things we do for love" as it sounds like a bodice ripper!! :yucky:
    The other ones are more poetic.
  11. these are the ones that would catch my interest enough to pick your book up off the shelf at barnes and noble and read the back. :smile:
  12. Place Where The Unnoticed Go

    This really grabs me...I don't know why?:cool:
  13. I like Place Where the Unnoticed Go, but I think it may be better just "Where the Unnoticed Go."
  14. pebbled world, and Place Where The Unnoticed Go!

    maybe you should create a poll to see which one seems to be the most popular :smile:
  15. Places where the Unoticed go.!!!!