Help me pick a tiffany's giftS...


Which Tiffany's flute should we toast with?

  1. Classic champagne flute

  2. Champagne flute with cobalt stem

  3. Daisy champagne flute

  4. Tiffany Swing champagne flute

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    • Classic champagne flute.
    • Champagne flute with cobalt stem
    • Daisy champagne flute
    • Swing champagne flute
    Ok here is the deal...I know its nothing big but i want to do something special for my best friends!

    There are 3 couples including my bf and I taking a trip to las vegas...the other two couples are extremly busy with work and mba classes but since i havnt seen them for 2 months (i just moved to oklahoma for law school) they agreed to go o vegas to spend time with me!!

    I find that super sweet of them because i KNOW how busy they are!! SO i want to do a little something for them, i thought i would get them all champagne flutes from Tiffany's!! After all EVERYONE loves a gift from Tiffany's right!

    This way we can spend our first night before we go watch a show sipping on bubbly!!! :smile:

    Tiffany, cobalt.jpg Tiffany, daisy.jpg Tiffany, swing.jpg Tiffany, classic.jpg
  1. i love the 3rd one, with the stars
  2. THANKS princessme!!! :smile:

    its not to girly is it?? because three of the recipients will be guys!! :smile:

    plus do u guys think this is a good gift idea?? of course ill be getting a few bottles of bubbly to go with it!
  3. oh if its men then i say the classic
  4. My favorite design is the classic also. It is super sweet of you to do this! Have a great trip!
  5. I'd go with the Classic too. That, plus the bubbly, is a great way to say thanks, imo.
  6. classic isnt too boring? hehe they are all bassically married and i have a feeling they have plain ol flutes..u know? so thought being vegas it would be fun doing something funky like the bubbles or the blue stem

    AHHHH why is this so hard! hehe

    and thanks for ur opinions guys :smile: and im glad u think theyll like it!
  7. oops i didn't read that your friends are guy -> i vote for the daisy thinking it'll be great to have girl power :p and the daisy is soooo pretty. if it's guy i choose cobalt stem. classic is abit boring to me.

    alternatively how about getting one each since there's 4 of u and u all can choose on the spot?

    have fun in vegas!
  8. so are you getting them matching flutes (one for the guy and one for the girl)?? If so then I would just get the classic.

    Or here's another suggestion:

    get the girls the daisy ones and then get the guys these cool beer mugs (I mean let's be honest, guys would rather drink beer than champagne right??). And they are close in price, these are $40:


    I just know if it were my and my DH getting a gift from someone he would LOVE the beer mug while I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that daisy's so pretty and the classic is just PLAIN compared to it. The mug is really cool too, it has some cool detailing.
  9. hmmm thats an AWESOME IDEA!!!

    orrrrrrr would it be weird to get the guys the blue one and the girls the daisy one??
  10. hey it's REALLY sweet and generous of you to do that!!

    i think it's a great idea the ONLY thing is that it's difficult traveling with fragile stuff like this and might break....

    you know if your gfs and SOs are careful ppl so take that into account. i know some of my friends would not be bringing these items home in one piece....
  11. hehe thanks :smile: and thats a good point. i think they will be ok with was me that i was worried about haha! So i think im going to actually order/buy the glasses in vegas that way i dont have to worry about busting them on the way there!!! And ill just make sure each one is packaged individually :smile: im sure they will do that...right? i hope so man! and they are all taking flights back so im sure they can carry it on....and my thoughts are if it breaks on the plane they can go back to tiffanys and be like look, it broke!! AND get a replacement

    at least tahts what im hoping!

    THANKS FOR THE VOTES!!! keeeeeeep themcoming!
  12. I voted for the classic.
  13. I vote for Classic.. btw, this is soo sweet of you! Hope you all have fun in Vegas!
  14. Classic!