Help me pick a swingpack for Disneyland!

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  1. I've never owned one and we are going to Disneyland in a couple weeks. I have my ergo leather wristlet but don't want to take anything leather. We are using a backpack to store stuff for the kids in but I need something for the basics I need to carry. I cannot decide on one. Suggestions please?
  2. [​IMG]
    Is def my fave of the ones they have online right now.

    I bought a Hamptons black sig (black on black) in Dec for my WDW trip.
    Haven't really used it since.

    Honestly, it was too small even for WDW.
  3. [​IMG]
    How about this "fanny pack" instead?
  4. I wanna suggest either one of these:



    It's coated canvas so you don't have to worry about stains and be able to be worry-free while having fun with the kids :P
  5. I would say either of the Heritage Stripe swingpacks. They are both fun colors and easy to clean.

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  6. I didn't even think of the coated canvas ones. Those are the best choice as I wouldn't have to worry about stains.

    I'm not a fannypack kinda girl unfortunately. But thanks for the suggestion.
  7. You girls like this color from the Japan site?

  8. i do like the denim from the japan site. i bought a brown optic swingpack for my trip to spain but i couldnt fit anything in it so i decided to return it, i would definatly make sure its going to be big enough for you before you buy it
  9. I don't dislike the denim one from the japan site, but I prefer the khaki and purple or berry or whatever it's called!
  10. I vote for the denim one from the Japan site. :tup:
  11. It's not very feminine is it? Only reason I was looking at another color was I have the berry Heritage tote & wristlet so I was trying to pick another color so I didn't have a lot of one style. Anal I am. I like to mix it up. LOL I only need it to hold a few things, annual passes, my DL, cash, credit card or two, lipstick + chapstick, a few femine things & that's basically it.
  12. well its not that manly either, i think it wouls be perfect for disney, and b/c its dark if you get something on it, it wont be as noticable
  13. We going to Disney next week. Im planning to bring my plum patent
    Bleecker tote for daytime and my blue slim Carly for evenings. I know that I could not functon with something as small as a swingpack, so I figure patent leather is the next best thing. Have a great time!!
  14. I like the denim one. My first choice is the berry, but since you already have that color and want something else the denim would be really pretty as well. :smile:
  15. Yah I'm just gonna bring a backpack & make hubby responsible for it. First time in years I haven't had to bring a diaper bag. LOL But my youngest is 4 and doesn't require one anymore.